Jonny Craig: he found what he loves in Australia

With just under a month before Jonny Craig touches down in Australia for his solo tour backing his EP Find What You Love And Let It Kill You, it’s no surprise he’s excited. He loves Australia. That’s not the only thing Craig was excited about. He has exclusively revealed to Blank that his new band Slaves with Alex Lyman is in talks with touring companies to come to Australia.

Slaves’ debut single has just hit the airwaves and the album We Are All Equal Through Art is dropping 14 June.

Craig spoke of creepy fans, being an influence on an X-Factor runner up, and recording without being “f*cked up” on drugs and alcohol. Kyle Butcher and Jarred Brunt spoke to Jonny Craig as he took a break from moving house.


Are you looking forward to touring Australia with your solo work?

Yeah man I love Australia. It’s my favourite place to tour, it’s a beautiful place and you guys have beautiful women. I love your club nights, I love to have a good time, so yeah I love Australia.


Are you still in the studio now with your second solo album or are you having a break after recording with Alex Lyman for Slaves?

Yeah we just finished the Slaves album. The second full length solo album is kind of in the works at the moment. It’s not quite done at the moment, there are still a couple of songs we need to perfect but it’s about halfway done.


How do you feel you have progressed musically since your last album release?

The first solo album was obviously a full band, and I loved working on it, but you know I feel like Find What You Love And Let It Kill You was more me, it was more of a solo release. I want to keep it separate when it comes to playing in a band and when you have a solo CD you want it to sound separate from your band. That’s why I feel the first album sounded more like a branch off of Emarosa. This recording was different because it was the first time I wasn’t f*cked up on either drugs or alcohol, so I definitely took a different approach to that aspect of the recording.


Do you plan to play any new tracks on your Australian tour?

I won’t be playing any Slaves tracks, but we are currently in talks to come down to Australia to tour. I’m gonna play some new solo songs for sure, but I’m going to focus on the tracks from the EP because you guys know those songs and some old songs.


In Australia there is a woman called Sally Chatfield from the second season of X-Factor who said you were her primary influence, it must be pretty humbling to hear people to say that.

Yeah I met her on my last Australian tour, and she’s a really cool chick. It’s really humbling that she said in front of her whole country that I’m someone that inspired her, and that’s something that I live for. It’s awesome.


If you had to pick one major influence on your music, who would it be?

When I was growing up I listened to alot of Boyz II Men, so vocally they would be my influences.


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