JOOLZ: Sparkling New Horizons

Following a successful stint as part of Gold Coast groove collective Electrik Lemonade, locally born and bred song writer and performer Joolz has recently struck out on her own terms, with her sassy indie pop, rnb and hip hop concoction sure to intoxicate ears and airwaves under her new solo moniker: JOOLZ.

The first fruits of her new beginnings come in the form of a cruisily delicious ditty by the name of ‘Sunday’. A collaboration with indie pop artist Katanak, its bouncy, good-time vibes deliver the perfect prescription for those pining for an endless summer.

We recently had a chat with the lively lass herself to get the gossip on working with Katanak and how being in Electrik Lemonade helped shape her musical journey.

Congratulations on your collaborative new single with Katanak, ‘Sunday’. Can you put us in the picture as to how you came to work with him on this track?

We were brought together during COVID-lockdown when we came across each other’s work on social media. I took a liking to his style and sound, sent him a message, and about a week later we met up!  In one writing session we found a new groove, friendship and song.

You recently performed a single launch for ‘Sunday’ with Katanak in Brisbane. Any other plans to tour the single or perform shows around it?

Yes indeed. This is my first release under my solo project JOOLZ, so while working on some new releases for this year I’ve been joining Katanak for his shows performing ‘Sunday’ and also his last single release ‘Valentine’. Later this year I should hopefully have a set list ready to go and start booking some shows.

You were previously part of Gold Coast band Electrik Lemonade – how did this experience help shape your musical journey?

Yes I was, and I have so much love for those boys. Singing with Electrik Lemonade was the absolute  time of my life. I grew so much on not only a creative level, but also a personal level. I gained great confidence being on stage with those guys, giving me the freedom to find my own feet and position in the band and allowing me an incredible live performance experience, of which I had little of previously.

What other plans do you have on the horizon, musically speaking, for the rest of 2021?

This year my focus is to keep writing, recording and releasing some frequent fresh sounds. Being inspired by so many genres and sounds, I guess I’m finding my musical flavour, and as a solo artist now I want to share it with you all along the way! I also have some local collaborations lined up, so stay tuned for some more local GC love!

You can wrap your ears around JOOLZ & Katanak’s vibing new single, ‘Sunday’, via all major streaming platforms now.

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