Jumping in to the deep end

You’re about to hear a lot more from Brisbane producer CLN (pronounced C-L-N). Sly Steve caught up with the one of the country’s emerging new talents on a study break to get the low down on his debut EP and his first ever Gold Coast gig.
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You’ve just released your first two singles with the debut EP Sideways on the way, how did you start making beats and playing around with production? I hear when you get bit by the production bug there’s no going back.

Honestly I can’t really remember I used to just be really into playing piano and I’ve been pretty addicted to like computer games and computers, so I guess it just progressed naturally. I honestly started off with the most awful edits of songs on my computer with this crappy free program, I thought it was great but it sounded awful and it kinda progressed from there and I got better and better. I think I’ve probably been doing production stuff for about 5 or 6 years now.

Well it’s certainly paying off now with the quality of the tracks you’ve put out so far. How is the new EP coming along and when will it drop?

My manager is still talking to people about actual release dates but I expect it to be out in the next 2 or 3 weeks. But we’re just releasing it independently for now, we’ve had a few chats with labels but nothing that has really grabbed our attention so were just chucking it out on our own.

You’re originally from South Africa, how did you find the move to Brisbane and have you found much inspiration in the scene here?

Moving countries is always pretty rough, you kinda get used to it but the music is so different. In South Africa it’s pretty much you listen to house music and that’s it, like everyone just listens to house music and there’s nothing else. If I hadn’t moved here I wouldn’t be producing the same sort of stuff at all. Like I wouldn’t have even heard of Flume or anything like that. So it’s been a pretty big influence moving here.

You mention Flume, who else inspires you or who else have you been getting down to as an inspiration?

Gorillaz was huge for me, because that was the first electronic music I heard that I actually liked, it was so different and so busy. I thought it was really cool, so that’s what inspired me to start producing. I think Gorillaz was probably my biggest influence and then a whole lot of Australian people more recently.

You have been hitting up some live shows recently down in Sydney, how have you been finding getting out of the studio and onto the stage?

It’s pretty nerve wracking honestly (laughs). Playing a live show is kind of terrifying but I’m getting used to it. Before last weekend I had only ever played one gig before so I’m kind of jumping straight into the deep end as I’ve got like 5 or 6 coming up in the next 2 to 3 months.  There’s a lot of practice that I have to do, it’s pretty insane but I’m excited.

So who have you been gigging with, have you been getting some crew to guide you through it?

So I played one recently with the Midnight Pool Party guys, there another band that my manager sort of managers. It was great playing with them because their live show is very cool as they have a whole band and they’ve got the whole disco thing going on.

We’re really looking forward to getting you down to the Gold Coast for the Rabbit Radio 2nd Birthday gig; will that be the first time hitting the stage down here? What can we expect, what are we in for?

Yep first time playing a gig on the Gold Coast ever in fact … a heap of unreleased material, like probably stuff that no one’s ever heard before. I’ve got a whole lot of unreleased stuff sitting around that I can’t actually release yet, so live shows are a good way to chuck that stuff out there

So will that be for another EP later in the year or are you working towards an album?

I’d love to do like a massive full length album. Because no one really does that, lately everyone just chucks out EPs. So after the EP, we’ll see how that goes and I might chuck out a few singles but then I’d like to start working on a full length long album, like a master work or something like that I don’t know.

Yeah unreal, like a double disc set or something?

Yeah (laughs) I’d love to do that. That would be awesome.

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CLN plays his first ever Gold Coast show at Rabbit Radio’s 2nd Birthday Party, 9 August at Swingin’ Safari alongside Street 66, Salvadarlings, Sixties Sarah and Dead Books. Details at rabbitradio.com.au.


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