Jungle: Live review and gallery | The Tivoli | Friday 26 April 2019

English soul collective Jungle pleased the Tivoli crowd with a dance-hitting Friday night session, after treating their fans to the live treatment of their latest album, ‘For Ever’, as well as some songs from their debut album. Hearing the crowd’s reaction to their hour long 17-song setlist, it’s safe to say that the group had performed well beyond their loyal fans’ expectations.

Playing just their second show of their national sold out tour; Jungle have crafted a beautiful soulful-funk-disco set list for Australian audience, capturing the emotional experiences they felt in their four year hiatus. In opening the night with the summer-inspired track, ‘Smile’, the band expects their fans to enjoy their time together, not worrying about anything except losing themselves to dance. The show continues as they play the soulful-house inspired record, ‘Heavy California’, and you could start to sense that this night is about to get better and pity to anyone else who misses out on this lively show. In writing their ‘For Ever’ album, the band has successfully created a joyful, summer feel sonic experience, that you easily forget about the relationship break-ups that inspired the record. This show further proves their success as artists and true creatives, avoiding the usual sophomore slump others have experienced.

Jungle also made sure that all should not be lost in their California L.A. ‘For Ever’ sound, playing songs from their debut album, ‘The Heat’; ‘Julia’ and pre-encore track ‘Drops’. The harmonies the group sings throughout the night projects a sound not often hear in today’s pop soundscape; there aren’t many artists who can elevate their own record live on stage.

The biggest reaction came as the sound of telephone rings, anticipating the band’s latest single, ‘Casio’.  The night ends highly as the crowd celebrates the band’s global hits from their debut album, ‘Busy Earnin’ and ‘Time’.

IMAGES (c) Gio Siregar


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