Justin Lane – Just in time

I’ve never given pizza much thought before. It’s always available, it always tastes ok, it always fills me up and yet it always leaves me feeling guilty for the wrong reasons. That is until I met Justin Lane.

Hip, happening, and always full to bursting Justin Lane is a much needed eatery in the Southern Gold Coast. With its funky NYC inspired décor, heavenly cocktails, good looking wait staff and delicious food it was the answer to many a casual foodies prayers.

I arrived on my own, early for a girl’s night out. I sat at the very on-trend bar and perused the cocktail menu with exotic sounding drinks such as Honey Sour, Strawberry Cobbler, Blue Sapphire and finally settled on the Orange Clover Cub. It was a good choice; the elixir containing orange infused Bombay Sapphire, raspberry, citrus and egg white made for a most refreshing aperitif.

There is also a respectable variety of crisp white wines, sexy reds, many local and imported beers and other top shelf finds.

Imagine my surprise when I realised there was a whole other section to Justin Lane I didn’t know existed! A vibrant upper level with room for more hungry mouths and masses of hipsters.

We started the evening off with an assortment of small bites: gorgonzola with honeycomb, goat’s cheese with pickled fennel, Sardinian white anchovies and the surprising yet yummy roasted brussel sprouts with sherry, capers and mustard dressing.

And then there are the pizzas! The smells entice you long before you’ve entered the establishment. You watch other diners enviously as they devour their dinner in obvious rapture. All the old favourites are there plus a few stand outs: rosemary and garlic lamb, prawn and calamari, zucchini and goat’s cheese and my personal favourite – smoked pork belly with pear, provolone and chives!

I have long been an ardent fan of fruit with my savoury and this pizza brings all that together in a winning combination that hits the taste buds with a fresh, comforting, down-on-the-farm experience.

Sadly, as I find all too often in great eateries, the dessert is lacking. Whilst they have a few necessary offerings there are none that leap off the page into an exciting finale en route to your belly.

All in all Justin Lane is the perfect, crowded, vibing place for a catch up with friends whilst noshing on well above average pizzas and very quaffable drinks.

With bookings a necessity it’s a lucky thing they do take-away too!

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