Katchafire to warm your winter


You originally formed as a Bob Marley tribute band. How has the life and music of Bob Marley influenced your own lives and music? 

In every way, we believe like he did that injecting people’s lives with music that’s made from love and positivity that we can cure the world.


Katchafire is a bit of a family affair. What role did music play in the family home? Is it any accident that Logan and Jordan ended up as musicians? 

Dad was a muso when we were young me and my bro definitely gravitated to it naturally. Dad didn’t start getting involved until we were in our late teens forming bands of our own. But I brought drum kit when I was about 18 and me and Jord never looked back.


You’re in the USA right now – Florida to be specific – do you find much that’s similar between those coastal audiences and Australian coastal audiences?

It’s pretty crazy the love we see: some cultures are a lil’ more fanatical about meeting us or the music in general, I love our fans so much no matter were we are in the world….. It’s kind of universal the vibe and love our fans show us – it’s very cool.


Your performances are high energy – what do you do when it’s time to go on stage and you’re feeling a little low on energy? 

Red bull, monster…etc. I’ve actually been drinking agreen tea called matcha…. It’s got some ginseng and other natural energisers in it and it’s way better for ya. Also we have karakia (spiritual charge up ) before every show .



You’re visiting us on the Gold Coast in July – what’s your favourite thing about playing the east coast of Australia? 


Making new fans… We still haven’t toured properly through that area so looking forward to the shows…the vibe is always crazy in Oz – definitely one of my favourite places to work in the world. I think coz Aussie always is a nice mix of home sick kiwis and Australians that know great music.


What can we expect for your GC show?

The fyah to burn …. We definitely bringing it .


When can we expect some new music from Katchafire? 

Very soon. New singles being mixed/mastered as we speak



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Katchafire plays Miami Marketta, Sunday 22 June. Tickets available now through The Shed Coffee Hub.

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