Katie Who bringing the good vibes to Summertime Sessions In The Village

With a manifesto of ‘bring your good vibes and watch live music for free’, the Summertime Sessions in the Village have proven to be one of the most loved events on the radar of discerning Gold Coast music fans for a couple of years now. The next instalment is taking place within the picturesque Mudgeeraba Village precinct (in Cuddihy Park, Swan Lane) almost every Friday evening from the start of November through until mid-December and this year’s musical line up is as diverse and talented as ever.

Division Nine Councillor, Glenn Tozer, together with local music-scene legend Polly Armstrong (who also puts on Seaside Sounds and Palmy Sunday Fundays), are the driving forces behind curating the artist line up and delivering a memorable event experience. Says Glenn; “We get lots of requests to play our park, so narrowing the field down is pretty hard. Polly and I try to have an eye for new talent, and we both love a few local favourites, but mostly we just want punters to discover music they love with people they love to hang out with. Aside from great music, visitors can also check out our great restaurants and takeaways in Mudgeeraba Village, and make a night of it out west. We’ll be making sure that attendees find something new about the Hinterland that they can come back to experience.”

One of the exciting acts to grace the upcoming Summertime Sessions is the vibrant and ever-busy indie pop damsel, Katie Who. With her irrepressible vocal and song writing talents, Katie, who won the inaugural Battle Of The Buskers event in 2014, will be performing on 22 November. While often playing shows with her talented four-piece band, this upcoming performance will see Katie in solo mode. We had quite an in-depth chat with Katie, which we delve into here.

Can you tell us a bit about Katie Who, the band? And how do you differentiate when it comes to performing solo or with the band?

The band is often Katie and “who will be playing with her this time”? Ryan Grantham is an original member and he almost always plays the shows with me unless he is away. All the other members vary depending on who’s available. Often only getting one rehearsal in and having to really be present with each other on stage has helped me grow as a musician. It’s helpful to know so many talented people that step in when I need to play a band show. Playing solo has a more intimate, raw vibe, and I feel as though I can connect with the audience on an even deeper level. Of course, I do still love performing with the band, it’s a whole different feeling sharing the stage and it’s so much fun.

Who are you keen to check out over the six weeks of SSITV?

I will definitely be excited to experience Felipe’s performance as I am yet to see him live- it will be incredible to share the stage with him! The line-up is filled with a bunch of my friends who are very talented musicians and it would be well worth coming along each week to catch them all! Like Pokemon!

What’s been your most memorable experience to date in the live realm?

That’s a hard question! As a performer, the semi-final of the Bluesfest busking competition, where I branched into a new sound, made me step out of my comfort zone and challenge myself in a way I didn’t think I could. I managed to completely drop in and be present with every soul in the audience. That gig changed everything and was a huge reminder of why I do what I do. I feel it’s so important to be raw and vulnerable- because failure is just a state of mind and we are likely to regret not doing something that scares us than jumping in, doing our best and facing our fears.

Are you currently recording or about to release any new material?

Yes- I AM. That is also the name of the song! I am currently working with Murray Burns from Rocking Horse in Byron. He was one of the judges from the Bluesfest Comp and reached out to work on this track with me. We are playing with a few versions and instead of rushing the release date, we’re making sure we are over the moon with the track. Anther single will be released a few months later. I have a stack of tracks I am working through that will be released sporadically on Spotify in the coming months. It’s important for me to release the backlog into the world so I can focus on my future sound, that is evolving as we speak.

Do you have any other upcoming shows or tours in the pipeline you can tell us about?

Thanks to the all-round legend Polly I am super grateful to be playing at all of the upcoming Sea Side Sound shows. The first of the Palmy Sunday Funday series on November 3rd with Vaudeville Smash will be a time that I am really looking forward to, as well as the Kirra edition in March.

How is 2020 shaping up musically in the world of Katie Who?

I had so many experiences this year that I had always dreamt of. Being a runner up in the Bluesfest comp earlier in the year as a solo artist reminded me of the direction I want to go in. Touring up and down the East Coast taught me so many lessons about myself and my music. It’s been a year that’s reminded me that I want to do everything at once but things take time. I am so happy where I am right now and am excited for everything to come. All in all, I have fallen back in love with music and remember why I share what I love.

Be sure to get along and catch the irrepressible Katie Who, as part of this year’s Summertime Sessions in the Village. Full dates and line-up are as follows:

Nov 1: Ryan Munroe + Hayley Grace and the Bay Collective

Nov 15: Banks of the Beautiful + Slips and the Flaming WP

Nov 22: Katie Who + Felipe Baldamire

Nov 29: Felicity Lawless + Liv Heyer

Dec 6: Electrik Lemonade + Brothers Calling

Dec 13: Sametime + Steve Cousins

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