Ladies of the GC: Katrina Ellis


Katrina Ellis is a GC naturopath who had a miraculous recovery from an aggressive ovarian cancer diagnosed 15 years ago. She’s since had 2 children and now lives in Cabarita with her family.

Do you think the we have good resources for people dealing with a life threatening illness?

The Gold Coast is definitely improving in regards to resources for life threatening illness. I feel we have some of the best alternative medicine practitioners that I have ever encountered. For many years I sent clients to Germany and China to undergo treatments not available in Australia. Fortunately, these treatments like hyperthermia, hyperbaric oxygen and intravenous infusions are now available here.

Were there good resources and places to seek help here when you were diagnosed?

There were no advanced medical facilities on the Gold Coast. I had to travel to Brisbane to get the right treatment as the specialists were more advanced and better equipped. Today it has completely changed and with the right guidance you can find yourself in very caring hands.

How do you help people with serious health issues achieve a positive outlook?

By empowering people with the correct knowledge, choices and tools it becomes easy for individuals to take the right steps towards positivity. If a person is equipped with no answers, direction or support – it strips them of their self worth and confidence. If a client still needs extra tools to improve their mindset, I often refer them to some incredible neurolink, NLP and EFT practitioners.

3 pieces of advice you’d give someone diagnosed with an aggressive cancer?

1. You have time so don’t be forced to make a hasty or rash decision.

2. Find out all of the information regarding your particular type of cancer to ensure you are empowered with the right knowledge to make an informed choice.

3. If you are planning to undergo orthodox treatment, do not forget the power of natural remedies and healing foods to enhance your ability to heal.

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