Kiara Jack & The Jills: touring in time

Native to the coast, Kiara Jack & The Jills is an original world folk roots band with a live sound that spans world music and contemporary genres. Kiara Jack is the centre of the band’s eclectic-edged musical offering. 

Earlier this year, the band launched EP Only in Time along with a video for single Makeshift Forest. The EP followed on from the band’s 2013 release of Shards of Glass

They’ve got some big shows on the horizon and we thought it was worth a quick chat with front woman Kiara. We started with a chat about the response to the video and single release for Makeshift Forest and she said the response has been positive.

“The response has just been huge in comparison to merely releasing a single without a visual adaptation / music clip,” she said. “I think we have to make music clips more often.”

They’re doing something quirky to celebrate the Makeshift Forest single too. “We’ll have limited edition succulent plants on our merch table. Each pot is one of a kind, with hand-written lyrics installed around the claypots,” Kiara said. Cool.

Reflecting on their recent Miami Marketta gig, Kiara says she doesn’t feel it was one of their best shows, judging by the number of people dancing.
“We tend to gravitate towards Northern NSW for our regular local gigs, for the simple fact that we want to make people dance. But I think the crowd at The Marketta were a little more wrapped up in all of the taste sensations and visual delights in the stalls,” she explained. “That’s okay that their other senses were wrapped up in all that the Marketta has to offer, but we were hoping for more energy from the audience. It’s tough when you have no energy to bounce off playing live.”
With the mad rush up to the release of Only In Time at the end of May, Kiara says and her bandmates have only had a little down time in June.
“We very much needed to have a little breather before we dive into our launch tour dates over the months ahead. It’s gonna get hectic and very exciting very shortly with travelling and tour dates interstate.”
And a big few months it will be too. As well as the Southport Sharks (21 August) and GC Folk Festival gigs (19 – 20 September), they’ve got a Fathers’ Day show at The Rails in Byron as well as dates in Gladstone, Magnetic Island and Cairns on the horizon. 
Kara says the Sharks gig will be a big one, with four massive sets and a few covers thrown in for good measure. 
“We like  to really twist the well-known songs through the ringer,” she said. “Converting mainstream tunes to being played on the ancient middle eastern violin the esraj and having guitar lines played on the piano, it’s interesting how trippy a regular chart hit can sound.”
“I’m hoping that we can expect people to feel the grooves and let some steam off on the dance floor. It just makes the difference when you know that people are feeling and getting the music that we’re getting down too as well.”
She said she’s grateful that Southport Sharks have been such ardent supporters of local original musical talent. She says she is “hoping that creative types alike will take advantage of this great little venue and support, ‘cos there ain’t many (believe it or not) on the Coast.”
“We have big venues like our Soundlounge and then we have an array of smaller cafe venues. And we’re hoping that a few more venues like the Sharks crop up around here…It’s nice not having to drive for half a day to get to the venue.”

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Kiara Jack & The Jills will perform a free live show at Southport Sharks on 21 August from 8.30pm. And then join a stellar lineup at Gold Coast Folk Festival which takes place 19 – 20 September at Country Paradise Parklands. 

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