Kill your EMO darlings with music

What happens when some of the Gold Coast’s greatest musicians, who are also friends, get together? Jams. Of course there are jams. But there are also conversations about doing new and creative things.

Kurt Paradise is one half of Strange Yonder – an independent label and artist management outfit. He’s recently flown the coop from Gold Coast to Melbourne and tells me about seeing John Cale (Velvet Underground) in Melbourne and how he was inspired to borrow some concepts for a special event here on the Gold Coast.

Supersense: Festival of Ecstatic hosted John Cale during two days of “immersive, extreme, blissful ecstatic performance,” and Kurt says it was all pretty incredible.

“He took all this old music and reimagined it for the show into a two-hour electronic set. It was really visual based as well – we sat in this theatre and they had three projections onto each wall and you’re surrounded by this video while he played Velvet Underground songs in this really minimal, dark, electronic thing,” Kurt said.

And that’s where the inspiration for the Kill Your Emo Darlings With Love gig at elsewhere came from. Described as “an unconventional multimedia event,” the show has been composed by Karl S Williams as well as members of Salvadarlings, Donny Love and The Brian Emo, which includes Kurt himself.

“I thought we’d try to do something similar up at the coast at elsewhere for Halloween instead of just putting on another rock and roll classic night,” Kurt told Blank.

“There’ll be about twelve of us on stage and we’re playing a mix of eachother’s songs, some covers, some new originals,” he said, before adding, not surprisingly, that there’ll be a heavy focus on visuals too. “I think the plan is to have everyone in white and we’ll be more like a blank canvas,” he said.

Kurt has been putting the visuals together himself for the past two or three months sourcing material from the internet as well as filming and when I ask him to tell me about The Brian Emo he says he doesn’t know where to start.

“It’s just a band we wanted to do. Harry (bass player from Salvadarlings and Donny Love), he and I started it with the idea of making more of a Kraut kind of progressive band and just grabbed a hook and repeated it,” Kurt said.

“And before we knew it we had six or seven people in the band because we couldn’t say no to our friends and I just kept asking people.”

“We have a mutual agreement that it would be this little force that keeps us all coming back together. We’re all very old friends from the Gold Coast – so we agreed that it would be the band or moniker that we come back to or continue playing with… for a long time maybe.”

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Kill Your Emo Darlings With Love: Karl S Williams + members of Salvadarlings + Donny Love + The Brian Emo will be at live music venue of the year finalist, elsewhere on Friday 30 October. Doors at 9.00pm and tickets $15 from Oztix.


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