Kings of Summer | Chase City

Chase City’s single has earned them a well-deserved reputation as Hobart’s unofficial kings of the summer anthem. The vivacious party track has had airplay from Triple J, and Channel V has nominated the song’s accompanying video as one of their Discover entries for January 2015 alongside Brisbane’s The Kite String Tangle. Liz Ansley got to know a bit more about the promising quartet ahead of their tour Broadbeach gig on January 25th.


You’ve been getting a lot of love from Channel V lately, what’s that been like for you? Were you expecting such a huge response?

It was completely unexpected. We always thought you had to be a global act to be played on there but turns out we were wrong. It’s very cool to see the reach the song has been getting!

The tour kicks off in a few days, how are you all feeling about it?

We are all so very excited. This release has been in the pipeline for 6 months and to finally have it out and be on the road is going to be awesome!

Can you tell us a bit about how Chase City came to be?

We started out 2 years ago & decided on doing a more pop-based band. Our first 6 months were spent holed in a studio working on an EP, which sometimes became very tiring. We have been reaping the rewards since though.

What do you guys get up to when you’re not making music? Any other hobbies/passions/jobs?

Our guitarist Peter is an electrician, Michael (drums) does Outdoor Education guiding around Tasmania, Jeremy (bass) is an architect and Tarik (vocals) sets up an inflatable jumping castle venue for kids. We all have a bunch of different hobbies, but most of them are sports.

The video for I Lost Myself is a lot of fun and definitely eye-catching with its fast-paced party timelapse. Can you tell us a bit about the inspiration behind it?

The director had this vision of a top down shot with a spinning camera that zoomed in, but after the quote we decided it was too pricey. From that we somehow moved onto having a time-lapse film. Seeing as we love house parties, we decided to throw one!

2015 is shaping up to be a fantastic year for Australian music – what Aussie release(s) are you most looking forward to?

Really looking forward to the new San Cisco album. Their latest single, Run, really blew me away. Also looking forward to some debut releases by Hockey Dad & Ayla who were two artists I really enjoyed through 2014. Hoping to see Last Dinosaurs and Sticky Fingers back with some new stuff in 2015.

You’ve supported a bunch of seriously great bands in the past, including British India and Sticky Fingers – but if you could support anyone in the world, who would it be?

Our ideal support is The Wombats. They inspired us heavily early on, and we got a chance to hang with them at Falls Festival last year and they were really nice dudes.

What are your plans for the year, after the tour wraps up in March?

We are back at Studios 301 in Byron with Magoo working on some new material. Expect a tour shortly after.



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