Kinne tell a joke? He sure can

Troy Kinne has been strutting the comedy circuit for more than ten years; winning awards and honing his skills in the US.  The versatile entertainer writes, directs and stars in the hit sketch show Kinne, on 7mate. However it was his video Things Never Said During The Rio Olympics – a quick-punch, multi-gag YouTube video that went ballistic on social media – which brought his comedy to a much wider audience.  Now touring a solo stand up show as well as Kinne Live, the comedian took some time to answer some questions before his Gold Coast appearance.

Will the impromptu lifeguard be making appearances on our Gold Coast beaches while you’re here?

Only if the weather is above 30 degrees celcius.

What was the most memorable thing you took our of your time at the American Institute of Comedy?

Getting to perform at Carolines on Broadway through the institute and after my performance having someone from Gotham Comedy Club, ask me to perform there. The most useful thing i learnt there was how to edit material and get your point across quicker and more precisely.

Do Americans really get your humour or do you feel your style is pretty Aussie-specific?

Yes Americans get my humour. My material is purposely not Aussie specific at all. I found that performing in America proved to me that humour is in fact universal. These days I’m getting a lot of messages on Facebook from Americans who have seen and appreciate some of my online videos. Which only reinforces my instinct that it pays to not make your humour region specific or too topical. Everyday behaviour in our society that we all can relate to are my favourite things to talk about.

Short gags seem to appeal to the millenial attention span. Do you feel that’s why you’ve achieved such online success?

Yes people’s attention spans are definitely shortening thanks to YouTube, Instagram and Facebook and making short videos is certainly a part of that. However, the editing and the writing is what I think sneaks under the radar when a video becomes popular. I try to keep my videos snappy and punchy no matter what the length. But the main reason I think certain videos of mine in particular have gotten lots of views is because of how relatable they are.

If you had to fill a minute, would it be harder to write one long joke or a whole bunch of short ones?

For me personally, writing a bunch of short jokes would be harder. I’m much better at story telling than the quick punch.

You can catch Troy and his fellow cast mates performing Kinne Live at the Southport Sharks on 13 October.  Tickets here.

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