Kisschasy Goodbye

Kisschasy‘s debut album United Paper People was a tipping point for many young Australians, one that introduced them to Australian music. I count myself among those people. I can still remember it very clearly: I was skulking around in my local music store when the cover art caught my eye. It was love at first listen, and I never turned back.

I couldn’t resist bending the rules of professionalism a little to tell this to frontman Darren Cordeaux.

“Thank you so much. That’s one of the reasons we decided to do this tour, because over the years that’s been something we’ve heard. That in itself is more than I personally could have ever imagined.”

“This tour” is their swansong – the end of Kisschasy in the form of a tenth anniversary tour for the iconic album, aptly dubbed Goodbye United Paper People. But Kisschasy haven’t been quiet in recent years – despite not having released anything since 2009’s Seizures, they’ve been busy touring around the country, waiting for inspiration to strike again.

“The reason that we’ve been going at it for the past six years is because if there was another record in us, we were gonna do it. [But] you’ve gotta think about the other members in the band, you’ve gotta think about the label, the fans… and what I wanted to write wasn’t in line with where Kisschasy was going.

It was just sort of like, why tarnish our legacy when we’ve got three records we love, just because we’ve already got a fanbase? Why not just leave it where it lies? So since this is the year that marks ten years after UPP‘s release, we thought, what an amazing way to bookend our career and have some closure. We had a good thing, we’re not going to milk it for everything it’s worth.”

Music has been the central focus of Darren Cordeaux’s life for a long time now. He dropped out of high school to pursue his musical career, and also attempted tertiary study to give himself a “future” outside of music, but couldn’t resist the pull he felt to go back. Now, with Kisschasy facing its final days, he’s adamant it’s not really the end for him.

“I just want to be a full time songwriter. For me, this last Kisschasy tour really holds a lot of gravitas because it’s closing the door on live music in my career. I’ll be a bit Brian Wilson-esque, making some amazing music and letting other artists take that out into the world.”

Cordeaux insists he’s open-minded about his future, citing everyone from SkotDrakula to Jessica Mauboy as being on his wishlist to work with someday. And he’s got no time for music snobbery.

“I think that’s something Kisschasy had something going for us, even from a young age: we made a conscious decision to make good songs, not to fit into any core group. We didn’t really have any cohesion to us. If I dislike anything, music wise, it’s just because it doesn’t hit me in the chest, or whatever. It’s got nothing to do with caring too much about a scene – that’s boring.”

But before he hangs up his hat as a live musician, Cordeaux is dedicated to going out with a bang on Kisschasy’s farewell tour.

“The shows are going to be the most emotional shows we’ve ever played. As a live band, I think we’re absolutely at our peak. We’ll be playing UPP from beginning to end, and then we’ll be throwing in some other surprises as well. It’s going to be the most special tour we’ve ever undertaken, and I hope nobody misses out.”

Kisschasy play the Coolangatta Hotel with supports Luca Brasi on Saturday October 31. Purchase tickets from Oztix.

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