Ladies of the GC: Marina Orpen

Organics advocate

Marina Orpen always has an aura of calm about her, a radiant smile and a never-ending supply of positivity. With a passion for developing wellness solutions and training for spa and beauty therapists, she calls the Gold Coast home. And along with her husband Alf Orpen has created a world-first model for organic farming, formed right here.

Organic Farm Share is a unique enterprise, listed on the stock exchange and offering people shares in a working organic farm. In return for their investment, members, who are owners earn the right to buy the farm’s organic produce which includes eggs, fruits and vegetables, honey and milk.


What’s your philosophy on organic products skincare/food alike?

I highly value my own personal health and wellbeing. Foods or using skincare products that have been produced with toxic synthetic chemicals is clearly damaging to one’s health and life-diminishing.


Can you describe Organic Farm Share in as few words as possible?

Organic Farm Share is a community owned organic farming enterprise.


What inspired you to launch Organic Farm Share?

I really loved the thought of every single person on the planet being given the opportunity to share in the ownership of their own food resource: a food security and prosperity solution.


What’s the thing you like the most about living and working here?

As a native of New Zealand, it was always my dream to live in a warmer environment near the beach. The Gold Coast offers that while still having many other lifestyle benefits.


One piece of advice you’d give to your 30-year-old self?

As I’m fully happy with the choices that I have made, I would still make the same decisions. I don’t think there is anything to regret from the past and everything has contributed to my learning. If there was anything to tell my 30-year-old self, I doubt she would have understood, as wisdom can only come from experience.




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