Land of sticky pleasure

Christie Ots sat down with Paddy Fingers, the bassist and vocalist of Brisbane band Sticky Fingers to talk about their festival recovery, plans for the rest of the year and just what the band won’t do on tour.
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I chatted to Paddy only a few days after Sticky Fingers smashed their set at Splendour In The Grass, so of course the first thing we discussed was the post-high come down. Having released their debut album Caress Your Soul in 2013 the band is relatively fresh on the scene and yet you wouldn’t guess it based on the screaming fans that greeted them at Splendour. Band celebrations saw Paddy thrown into a pool, ending up with a sore knee and a need for some new shoes. Splendour also saw DMA’s front man Tommy O’Dell jumping up to play a song with Sticky Fingers.

“I’ve played a lot of bass for DMA’s,” Paddy said. “Also Tommy is my housemate so we keep each other motivated when it comes to music. We met at the Annandale Hotel, which had a massive music scene, and we’ve hung out ever since.”

With their sophomore album Land Of Pleasure released last month the band held a signing at their record label and headed out to a friend’s bar for some celebratory drinks. This is the second album they have worked on with Dann Hume and Paddy says if it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.

“Dann stayed with us at Splendour and we just have a lot of fun with him; he’s part of the family. On the first album he mostly mixed it, whereas he worked a lot as a producer on Land Of Pleasure and we couldn’t be happier with it.”

Land Of Pleasure is also the name of opening track on the album and it truly feels like a welcome call.

“We wrote the lyrics when we got back from Europe,” Paddy said. “We were sick of looking at each other and our manager said we needed to write, so in a way that song was kind of a ‘f**k all the bullshit between us we have to work’ song.”

With a track list that includes hits like Just For You, Gold Snafu and Feast Your Eyes this album was already making waves before it was released.

Paddy explained that when it comes to actually arranging a track, tempo is king.

“You never want things to sound the same so we wouldn’t put songs of a similar tempo together,” he said.

“I really wanted to put Just For You and Gold Snafu together because they rhymed,” he said laughing. “But you have to think of tempo.”

The band is touring around Australia for the remainder of the year, but still love heading back to the UK and Europe.

“Every time we go back there the atmosphere and shows get better,” Paddy said. “Plus you make friends on tour and it’s good to catch up with them.”

One thing they make sure they don’t do on tour is talk about band matters.

“It is a rule, when you’re in the tour van you don’t talk about band matters.” Laughing he goes on, “People disagree and when you’re trapped in a van the last thing you want is people firing up. We just hang out and do stupid mate stuff.”

The band’s friendship is obvious when you see them on stage, laughing and smiling at each other as they play. With live shows coming to a town near you this year you definitely want to get along and be caught up in the hip-shaking vibe that is Sticky Fingers.

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Sticky Fingers play The Coolangatta Hotel 14 September, 2014.

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