Lane Harry – Making It Look “Easy”

If you haven’t heard the name Lane Harry then you’ve probably been living under a rock for the past 6 months. This kid is blowing up, and we’re not just referring to his thousands of views on YouTube and followers on Instagram. No, Lane’s already clearing music career check points that most professional musicians could only dream of, such as reaching iTunes’ top 20 highest selling hip hop chart and collaborating with an array of ARIA award winning artists. While listening in on his latest single Easy, Tari Peterson spoke with Lane about his massive year just gone, and what’s set to come for this up and coming hip hop sensation.

“I only started this solo project because I got kicked out of a band and I was like f**k, I don’t play any instruments.  So I just starting doing it and yeah, it seems to be going pretty good.”

Sitting in a cramped studio, we both laugh. Considering that he recently signed his first record deal and that his latest single features Lorde, ‘pretty good’ seems to be a bit of an understatement. I ask him how he describes the music he’s been working on?

“I want to tell stories and we [Ike Campbell and himself] try to do this by fusing sounds,” he says, “and what I’ve noticed is that when I’m talking to people they’ll either say “I don’t like hip hop, but I like you” or they’ll say “I like Kanye West, and I like you too”.”

Ike Campbell is the producer for most of Lane’s work, producing his first solo album and also his iTunes top selling Jesswar and Lane Harry EP. I ask him how he goes about writing his music.

“Ike makes my beats and I’ll listen to it for a week and write 30 or so verses to it and choose the best ones from them.” Lane says that process takes about two weeks.

“I just try to write songs that I would want to hear. If we listen back to our songs and know we wouldn’t want to hear it on the radio then we cut it.”

Easy is Lane’s latest single and is already receiving consistent airplay on Radio Metro. The track features Grammy award winning artist Lorde.

“There’s a producer called Sun Lux from Colorado and on his album he had a song called Easy. He heard that Lorde was covering Easy in her live shows so he got her in to record her version of it with him. Then I hit him up and got the song in its new form with all its added instruments and Lorde’s vocals. I stripped the verses and added my own verses and yeah, ended up with a pretty sick song.”

His I-don’t-give-an-F attitude towards this amazes me. Made even more impressive by his work with Matt Corby and 360.

“For me, Matt Corby is the best Australian artist of all time and he’s a fan of me.”

“He comes to my shows to meet me and that’s just, crazy. I remember in high school recording a mix tape and one of the songs was called Matt Corby and all I wanted was for 360 to hear it and now both of these dudes I admired and looked up to are mentoring me on my next album.”

It was at this point in the interview where we both got distracted and started talking about his first headlining gig of 2014. With a roof as a stage and an empty swimming pool as a dance floor, I was lucky enough to have gone along and experienced what was definitely the coolest show I’ve ever been to.

“That sh*t was crazy.” He laughs, “and it’s nuts because it was only a year ago that Ike and I played our first gig at The Cave in Nobby’s to less than 20 people and in less than a year our audience is 10 times bigger, which isn’t the craziest transition, but just imagine if next year our gigs are 10 times bigger again. It was a really cool stepping stone.”

So we can be expecting big things from you in the future?

“Hell yeah you can. 20 April my mix tape DMT comes out which will be free on the internet and Ike and I are working on our second album called Renaissance and its going to be sick.”

Find Lane Harry x Ike Campbell on Facebook and keep your eyes peeled for his second album due later this year.
Lane plays The Loft Chevron Island Saturday 19 April.




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