The fearsome duo that is Lane Harry X Ike Campbell are returning to their stomping ground of South East Queensland with their killer new single Hentai, a free download taking form in the shape of Netflix, and a set of two shows in Brisbane. As if that wasn’t enough, the guys are bringing along good friend JESSWAR, the awesome HYPE and a new 16 track album by the name of Renaissance to play live. If you want to know how this album goes down, look no further than our track by track review here.

The shows in question go down on May 16 at the Beetle Bar for the 4ZZZ fundraiser, and just over a month later they are returning to play The End on June 25. These shows will see a new Lane Harry X Ike Campbell hit the stage, more tour hardened and more ready than ever before. The duo have toured with Australia’s 360, who told FasterLouder last year that, “Lane-Harry, he is doing shit differently. There is a lot of talent there.” That isn’t the only appraise these guys have claimed. Lorde, Matt Corby and Sedgyfergo all attest to the great music Lane Harry X Ike Campbell are putting out. Lane Harry is looking forward to their shows, and if you can’t tell yet, it’s for good reason.

“Brisbane is always hype. It wouldn’t be an Australian tour without a Brisbane show”, Lane Harry explains.

Take that, festival sidewaves.

Jesswar is close with Lane and Ike, and so it’s little wonder that she’s the one playing with them on the local grounds. Lane Harry x Ike Campbell last played with Jesswar in March on the Gold Coast, so this is the first time Brisbane can catch the two artists performing on the same bill since. Lane Harry can’t speak highly enough of Jesswar.

“Jesswar is family. Any opportunity I get I’m trying to extend that to her because I know she’d do the same for me”.

May 16th | Beetle Bar, Brisbane | Infest the Nation 4ZZZ fundraiser
June 25th | The End, Brisbane | with Jesswar and Hype


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