Single review: Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell | The Dash

‘The Dash’ is the heavy-duty new single from renowned Gold Coast hip-hop practitioners Lane-Harry x Ike Campbell. The boys have set the bar high across their musical evolution, and ‘The Dash’ is yet another worthy addition to the ranks of their ever burgeoning catalogue of quality and success.

This time around the intrepid duo have crafted a unique musical collaboration with Daniel Duqoe-Perez, the front man for noted Sydney indie rock band The Griswolds. The hook-up is an inspirational tale in itself, with Lane-Harry reaching out to the manager of The Griswolds after becoming totally smitten with their track ‘Beware The Dog’, which led to Harry and Campbell decamping to Sydney to work with Duque-Perez in the studio, the fruits of which has seen the light of day as ‘The Dash.’

As for the song itself,  its steady, tough as teak, head nodding groove is augmented with tasteful touches of gritty, funk infused bass and guitar, with chanted, female-jazz style vocals adorning the chorus. As always the pair’s impressive regular trademarks shine forth loud and strong, with world class production and tough, inventive rhymes. On the strength of their initial offering, we can only hope that this collaboration continues to flourish and that the threesome hit us up with more numbers of the calibre of ‘The Dash’. In a word – smokin’.

And be sure to check out the short-film style clip for the track below, which is a smashing piece of art in its own right.

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