Lane Harry x Ike Campbell’s Youth certainly not wasted

Song of the Year winners, rising Gold Coast hip-hop stars, and all ‘round nice guys Lane Harry x Ike Campbell will launch their new album sometime in the near year. It’s is all but ready – with just two more songs left to record. As I caught up with Lane during a bustling Bigsound break, he showed me the cover of the yet to be released record.

“I’m like six and Ike is five,” he said. He’s showing me an image of he and his bandmate as kids. Quite fitting too. The new album will be called Youth.

“There’s heaps of subtle references to our childhood,” he said. “Our new song San Luca has a sample from The Horse with Striped Pyjamas by Captain Kangaroo – a song my grandparents used to sing to me when I was a kid.”

Lane tells me he travelled a lot as a kid. He grew up on a farm west of Auckland with his grandparents and was back and forth between there, his parents, England, America for a while. I asked him why they were always on the go.


“I think my parents wanted me to get cultured,” he said. I ask if it worked. “I hope so, otherwise it was a fucking waste of money.”


Lane shares another memory of growing up. He says at the time his dad was living New Jersey. “I remember, 9/11, he was meant to be at the World Trade Centre. So when that happened, we fully thought he was involved. It’s one of the earliest memories of my life.”

“My first, first, original memory – and I am not lying, I would have been maybe three or four and my granddad had his guitar and I remember touching the strings of this guitar. I remember it was so dope. It was so cool. The strings were nylon and making this sound that was so awesome and I wanted to pay guitar from a young age.”

Lane tells me their Youth album will be quite different to its predecessor Renaissance. Firstly, their music will be less technical. But Lane also admits the new record might be considered more suitable for a youthful audience.

“Like some 15 year old kid doesn’t want to hear about some intense breakup. Youth is for a younger audience. Renaissance is quite a mature album, but this one is more fun,” he said. And he’s hoping the next single Rendezvous – due November – will be their first commercially successful record.

“It’s also our first song without swearing,” Lane said. “The album is way cleaner than our other stuff. With Rendezvous, the song is so playful and happy and I wanted to make a song that my little sister could listen to.”

“I got a snapchat months ago from this like year old girl, rapping Anarchy and it made me feel really uncomfortable… it wasn’t cool. Like, anyone can like my music… but I just wanted to make a song that could be a bit better for the kids – because we are starting to get younger fans.”

Looking to the future, Lane says of course around the album launch there’ll be a tour and that they’re in talks with artists like Remi, Bam Bam and Double L about the possibility of doing shows together. “But yeah, we’ll do a heap of shows,” he said. “And hopefully some festivals too.”


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