Larmor premieres ocean inspired exhibition

In July the Mint Art House on Burleigh Heads will play host to the debut exhibition of Gold Coast artist Larmor.

Going by the name ‘The Sea Can Heal Us’, it will showcase an array of Larmor’s striking artworks, curated by fellow Gold Coast artist Dion Parker, with a common theme of being inspired by the ocean.

We had a chat with the artist (Ez Larmor) to gain an insight into his background, his oceanic inspirations and the recent rediscovery of his other creative passion.

Can you fill us in on your creative background and the style of art that typifies your work?

I have been a creative person ever since I can remember. Art and music have been infused in my bones since early childhood, from bashing pots and pans and air guitar to drawing and painting Star Wars fighters. I moved up to the Coast from Sydney whilst on tour with a heavy metal band and basically didn’t go home.

Growing up around the beauty that is La Perouse on the peninsula of the Eastern suburbs of Sydney allowed me to be inspired by the ocean and coastline of that area. My work is a mixture of line art illustrations and abstract cubist shapes that are my interpretation of the landscapes and wave forms that inspire me.

You’ll shortly be premiering your solo art exhibition (‘The Sea Can Heal Us’) at the Mint Art House. What inspired you to put together your own exhibition and how long has it taken you to bring it to fruition?

I have been thinking about a solo show for quite a while. It’s my first in fact. It’s taken a fair bit of energy to put my work out there. I’m excited and nervous at the same time. I think on a personal level it’s a challenge I set myself a couple of years ago when I made the decision to leave the security of an amazing job in the surf industry to invest more time into my practice.

What is it about surfing and the ocean that connects with you on such a deep and spiritual level?

For me surfing is such an amazing gift we all have the opportunity of experiencing. I know for me, after some difficult years, surfing really did heal me. I started surfing late but have always had a special connection with the ocean. From my early days as a kid growing up around some of the best beaches and landscapes to living at Burleigh Heads. To think you have a chance to surf a wave at the end of its long journey before it ends has always intrigued me. There’s something spiritual in that surely? Sitting out the back in the water as the sun comes up is a meditative process for me.

Do you still pursue your interest in music in any way these days?

Music grabbed me back in High School in Sydney and I played professionally on the Gold Coast for many years. To be honest I poured everything I had into it and left the industry after losing my passion for it until recently finding that urge for guitar again. It’s been around 20 years since I picked up a guitar with any seriousness! Hard to believe sometimes. But I’m stoked to have found that connection with playing again. Sometimes in life we get lost and lose some of who we are, the great joy is its never completely lost and when the timing is right the path shows itself again.

Larmor’s debut exhibition, ‘The Sea Shall Heal Us’, featuring original works inspired by the ocean, is premiering at the Mint Art House in Burleigh Heads on Saturday, 17 July from 6:30pm – 9:00pm, and will run until the following Saturday. Mint Art House is situated at 87 West Burleigh Road.

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