Laugh Your Pants Off: New Zealand Comedian night at the Casino

On Friday 22 July, Jupiters Gold Coast presented some of New Zealand’s finest comedians for one of their Laugh Your Pants Off series.

Host Brendhan Lovegrove kicked off the night in true Kiwi style with a roast of the Australian accent, with a particular dig at those who live in Logan.  This won lots of laughs from the mostly Kiwi crowd and the Aussies too.

The first featured comedian of the evening was Jamie Bowen. Instantly capturing the crowd with strange and hilarious imagery, Jamie proceeded to deliver an intelligent and self-effacing set. A funny show culminating with a witty and unusual box theory of life, Jamie was a very wise choice to start the show.

After a brief and entertaining interlude from Brendhan, Aaron Pratt took to the stage in a very short set. Aaron has an infectious giggle and a funny take on stereotyping of Kiwis in Australia.

Justine Smith followed Aaron and launched into a no holds bared set. The tone got down and dirty with no topic taboo for Justine. It was a funny set that at times definitely crossed that invisible line and ran way too far.

There was a brief interlude and then Jarrod Fell was introduced to a refreshed crowd. He set up with a box of ‘tricks’ and professed himself a magician. This looked like it could have been terrible but with great enthusiasm and a whole lot of cheek, Jarrod drew the laughs. Inviting a random front row punter onto stage to help with the ‘tricks’ Jarrod had the audience in stitches, as he says, ‘it’s comedy’ not magic.

Ben Hurley followed with an amusing and fresh take on a comedic favourite topic, the different body parts for men and women.  It was a great set and kept the good vibes rolling.

Michelle A’Court who is one of New Zealands longest running comedians brought a very random act to the stage and bounced off audience members brave enough to call out, or who just happened to be in line of sight.

Rounding out the show was GISH. A set of parody songs that definitely catered to a very specific taste, dividing the crowd.

Overall it was a fun night of laughs and entertainment. The next in the Laugh Your Pants Off series rolls into Jupiters Gold Coast on 2 September with a host of home-grown comedians, headlined by Bob Downe. Tickets from

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