Laugh your pants off this weekend

It’s time to get your laugh on. This is the grandest night in Gold Coast Comedy. This is not an exaggeration.

This Friday night, the largest bill of comedians yet, will join forces for Jupiters Hotel & Casino’s Laugh Your Pants Off – the fourth installment in this series. We’re talking Tom Gleeson, Denise Scott, Rusty and Another Guy, and Sammy J and Randy for one night only. Warming the stage will be Canada’s Marty Putz, Triple J’s Matt O’Kine, Aussie jokers Paul Brasch, Fiona McGary and Bev Killick.

I was lucky enough to chat on the phone with the host of the event, local comedian Lindsay Webb.


What is unique about the Laugh Your Pants Off Comedy Series?

TONS of comics. Big headliners. Also, this shall be Tom Gleeson’s only performance in Southeast Queensland this year.


How significant is this event on the Gold Coast comedy calendar?

This is the big one. It’s a great venue, I’ve hosted here before. Approx 2000 people can fit, but you better google that number.


I am feeling excitement stir within. I am a huge fan of Stand Up Comedy. Our loyal Blank followers have already heard my incessant plugs for this particular form of live entertainment.   So just one more time. Get out there and watch these f*cking performers! Even further, take Lindsay’s advice. A ten years plus veteran on the local comedy circuit.


How can the audience support yourself and all GC comics?

Follow them on-line. Twitter and Facebook are the perfect start. And of course, go to the venues. Even if it’s a name you haven’t heard. You will always be surprised. Once you’ve been, talk about the night, tell your friends. Word of mouth really matters.


We had a great yarn about the progress of local and national comedy culture. From the Fringe Festival in Adelaide (second biggest arts festival in the world) through to the local stand-up nights which are gaining momentum. Lindsay’s assurance that growth is imminent had me wonder…


With unlimited resources, the finance, the networks, what would be your first point of action for making the Gold Coast the next international comedy hot-spot?

I would have a purpose built venue, capacity of 500, able to shrink down to accommodate smaller events. I would also want to create an international comedy festival here on the GC.

There ya go Tom Tate. Is he still the boss of the Gold Coast? Whoever is reading, let’s make it happen. Be there this Friday and you’ll be demanding it. The final tip?


Who do I have to see?

Sammy J and Randy. One is a puppet. Sometimes they get musical.


There was a rather suggestive tone that a twisted melancholy romance may exist within this act. Or maybe I just assume that a guy who gets musical with a puppet is in to that sort of thing. See you there Blankers and Blankettes.

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