Multi-award winner Laurie Anderson coming to HOTA

In an exciting coup for the revamped HOTA, Home of the Arts, legendary artist Laurie Anderson will be exhibiting in an intimate season of performances, conversations and screenings over four days in June, as the venue’s first Artist in Residence. The beating heart of the world of avant-garde will leave her home in New York City with a suitcase of performances and immersive experiences to perform for rapt Gold Coast crowds.

“I think of myself as an experimental artist – always inventing new forms,” says Laurie, and indeed, audiences should be prepared for her special blend of storytelling which not only covers life, love, death and beyond but involves song, spoken word, visual imagery, electronica and soundscapes.  Oh, and there’s a concert for dogs. HOTA CEO Criena Gehrke expands on the precinct’s mission and highlights the team effort that has attracted the acclaimed Ms Anderson to our shores.

“It’s part of our vision at HOTA, Home of the Arts, to bring national and international artists to the Gold Coast,” she says. “HOTA, Home of the Arts has a real commitment to bringing great contemporary artists to the Gold Coast and finding opportunities to link them with local artists. The Artist in Residence program is the perfect way for us to attract high profile artists to our home.

“It was due to the vision and great connections of our team that Laurie was approached to be our first International Artist in Residence, she really fits the bill – she’s a contemporary, avant-garde artist and a fearless pioneer. She’s not been to the Gold Coast before but she’s excited about the opportunity and we think her innovative, boundary pushing work will really match the positive energy and experimental spirit of the Gold Coast.”

One of art’s truly unique storytellers, Laurie has collaborated with many of the world’s greatest singers, songwriters, poets, musicians, creators and composers, and is widely credited with the most influential arts movements in New York City in recent decades. Ms Gehrke feels her residency at HOTA will be a perfect fit for the burgeoning cultural landscape of the City.

“We think the Gold Coast deserves to see amazing, contemporary artists, and the artists themselves are excited to be here,” Criena states.

“Laurie brings intellectual rigour and avant-garde works that are both cutting edge and accessible (think Concert for Dogs.) We can’t wait to welcome her to HOTA and see what happens. And how incredible is it that we now have the Outdoor Stage, and soon to have a new gallery, to support our programming ambitions. Watch this space, there’s so much more to come.”

Performer, musician, songwriter, storyteller, violinist, fine artist, writer, director, composer, vocalist, experimental wunderkind and inventor Laurie Anderson is set to explore the world in all its mystery from 20 – 24 June 2018 at HOTA. As the great one says herself, “ART is about paying attention.” Are you paying attention, Gold Coast?

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This immersive voyage takes listeners on an incredible journey of discovery, guided by stories emerging from total darkness. Playing with memory, time and visualisation, Laurie Anderson’s multichannel soundscapes create and destroy mental movies that explore mystery and adventure in collaboration with the audience.


The Language of the Future explores the concept of the now. What do we make of the playing out of current events and how do we absorb the nature of politics, what are the talking heads really trying to say and do? Story, song, electronics, and imagery, with the artist’s familiar themes of love, war, communication and history woven in – the art, the language of Laurie Anderson.


The Great Liberation Through Hearing in the Bardo – or Tibetan Book of the Dead, is an ancient text used to guide the newly departed through states encountered between death and reincarnation; or liberation from the cycle of rebirth. The international performer, singer Tenzin Choegyal joins avant-garde legend Laurie Anderson to present a musical interpretation of the treasured words and images of the ancient Bardo texts.

JUNE 24 | CONCERT FOR DOGS (Outdoor Stage)

Previously performed in New York, London and Brighton, Concert for Dogs is composed of melodies, frequencies and riffs especially created to entertain dogs and their accompanying humans. Sound, music and voice combine to elicit moments of wonder and joy. As part of this event there will also be other quirky dog related activities such as a Dogs that look like their Humans competition, DOGA Dog Yoga by Hot Tropical Yoga and a special screening of the film Heart of a Dog.


Laurie Anderson is a luminary of language. Her recent book, All The Things I Lost In The Flood, Essays on Pictures, Language and Code is about all the things that represent her career, era, and personal experience. In it she examines the power and perils of language and storytelling, dissecting the relationship between words and images – provoking questions about beauty, time, reality, and memory. And so, the conversation begins. In her final performance as 2018 International Artist in Residence at HOTA, Laurie Anderson engages in conversation about stories and language with local writers and artists.

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