Learn to Exist | Jungle Giants

Part of separate bands back in high school, guitarist Cesira Aitken, bassist Andrew Dooris, drummer Keelan Bijker and singer Sam Hayle put their heads together and have since produced a ridiculously fun and catchy debut EP. Daring you to join in their harmonies, count ins and “Woo-oohing”, the Jungle Giants have created a euphoric album that will have you toe tapping against your will, playing high tempo drum sets on your steering-wheel and taking the long way home just to hear Skin To Bone all the way out.

Drawing on their own experience of love and life, The Jungle Giants will have you smiling in agreement as Sam hymns lyrics relatable by most 20-somethings dazed by the world. That’s not to say their music is restricted to this age bracket – their high tempo riffs that precede cheeky verses will attract anyone with a love for happy tunes. A Pair Of Lovers and Truth May Hurt will satisfy the tortured romantic inside you, where I Am What You Want Me To Be will be there when you’re riding the euphoric wave into Lovetown. For an album appropriate at anytime, Learn To Exist is a must-have.

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