Leave the Trapdoor open

With heavy guitar, strong vocals and lively, solid beats over grungy blues, Trapdoor has hit the local music scene hard. The five-piece perform as if they have those rock riffs coursing through their veins, which makes their live show an indescribable experience.

Having conquered the east coast with a tour to celebrate their debut EP ‘Bison’ and a killer set at the Gold Coast Music Awards’ after-party, Trapdoor are for the rowdy and the restless and for Shakafest patrons looking to get a little loose, they’ll provide the perfect starter to a day of wall-to-wall bangin’ sounds.

We caught up with the full band about what’s been going down for Trapdoor, their single launch at elsewhere this month, plus their Shakafest set.

Blank: You toured the east coast for your debut EP ‘Bison’. How was the tour and what was the response?

Rhys: The tour was great. I think we can all say it was a bit of a blur, but we do know we met a lot of generous people and rad bands. We loved Adelaide and the people from there and they are producing really tight outfits.

Blank: You’ve been back into the studio to record a new single. Tell me about it?

Rhys: Yeah we had a quick studio session and recorded a new dirty tune called ‘Show Me Your Love’. We went back to Love Street Studios with legend Scotty French of course because he couldn’t make it any easier for us and we sent it over to Brain Lucey for mastering. He has worked on some huge names and it was interesting to see his approach. We can’t wait for it to be out in the world at the start of August.

Blank: What are your thoughts on the Gold Coast music scene?

Tim: For such a small place Goldy is gaining momentum and support for music. There are plenty of bands and talent but not enough places to play. We have noticed younger people are catching onto the live music which is refreshing. Small festivals like ShakaFest and Ozfest give local bands more of chance to share the stage with bigger touring acts which is good.

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Blank: The Shakafest lineup is next-level this year. What do you love most about Shakafest?

Jimmy: We are unbelievably stoked to be playing Shaka along side the big names, but are also excited to play with local mates Radolescent, Kazual Tea and Stork from Adelaide who we’ve played with before! Everyone at Shaka is there for the music and no matter where you are you not far from mayhem. There’s so many diverse bands, a half pipe and cold beer, what more could you want?

Blank: Tell me what you have in store for your set?

Baidon: We have songs in our set that get people dancing, some songs that will have you standing and listening, others head banging and others crying. We try and keep a diverse set list so our set doesn’t get repetitive.

Blank: You’re also launching your single at elsewhere in August. Tell me about that show and how it will be different to the festival set?

Talis: elsewhere always has such a high intensity when you see live acts there and the small space makes it that much more intimate. I guess we will pick songs to cater for that, oh and we have some sneaky antics for that show we don’t want to spoil.

Blank: For people who’ve never seen Trapdoor perform before, why should they come check out your set?

Talis: If you’re into high-energy rock ‘n’ roll that gets your adrenal glands pumping, come along! We like to think we don’t try and make music to fit into a scene, just stuff we’d want to listen to while drinking beer. It’s worked well for us so far. We spit out a unique, yet familiar sound with darker themes and storytelling. There’s always mayhem going down in the crowd, if you are into that.

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Trapdoor are Tim Appleby (vocals), Talis Letts (lead guitar), Jimmy Barnes (guitar), Rhys Barnes (bass) and Baidon Howell (drums). They’re at elsewhere on 11 August and at Shakafest, which rolls into Miami Tavern on Saturday 19 August.

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