Leave This Town: new punk fest hits Brisbane

Brisbane has scored a bangin’ new pop-punk fest, born from the ashes of one of the city’s last all-ages venues.

For one day, in West End, ten bands will fuel the stoke for people of all ages.

The lineup features Stateside, Shorelines, Skies Collide, Joy In Motion, Homefront, Chasing Velvet, Days Like These, Hard Luck Champions, What’s Left is Yours and Down & Out.

Tickets are just twenty bucks and, wait for it, include free pizzas all night.

$1 from every ticket sold goes to Suicide Prevention Australia, so not only do you get pizza and a night of incredible music, you also do so knowing your contributing to saving lives.


Tickets for Leave This Town which takes place on 30 June at Ahepa Hall, 126 Boundary Street, West End from 3.00pm are available at bit.ly/leavetown.

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