Lecia Louise exclusive: ‘Mastermind’ single out today

Lecia Louise returns home off the back of a whirlwind European Tour for the release of her latest single ‘Mastermind’. Catherine Gunther caught up with Lecia to chat about her new single.

Can you tell us what ‘Mastermind’ is inspired by? 

The first goal of ‘Mastermind’ is to rock. The song was inspired by a few guitar riffs I had written and then the lyrics came. Lyrically the song is about equality between the genders from the perspective of a woman working in a male dominated industry.

You recorded the track at Serotonin Studios with Guy Cooper, what was it like recording live as a band and working with Guy?

Recording live with my band was probably the most fun way I have recorded.  I really love multi tracking and putting time and care into each part when recording, but there is something organic and truthful about tracking live.  I had been wanting to record the band live for quite some time and Guy suggested some ways on how we [could] do this.  I wanted to track with no click track and I didn’t want too much production, just how we sound live. Guy was engineering us, and patiently listened while the 5 of us in the band were in one room and played Mastermind together until we had all agreed on our favourite take.

Listen to ‘Mastermind’ below:

You just spent the last few months on tour in Europe playing shows from Germany to Austria, have there been any really memorable moments?

It has been my busiest European tour to date.  I have been playing shows through Austria, Germany and Holland since mid January and driving many, many miles in the recently purchased, bright orange, 37 year old Mercedes, tour bus.  I got some pretty odd looks from people on the highways.  One memory which sticks out for me, would be the ‘obstacle park exit’ from a car park with a ceiling that was clearly too low for this van.

Sometimes touring can have problems, recently you had an accident on tour, what happened? 

I was having some time off the tour in Carinthia, Austria recently when I had a mountain bike accident.  I was coming down the mountain from 1430 metres above sea level and reached a particularly dusty, sandy, rocky slippery corner.  I was not going fast, but I still lost control, fell and landed on a bunch of rocks. My left knee was punctured deep.  The doctor sent me to the hospital, where I had the bursa removed and stayed over night.  It was a little scary being in hospital with language barriers and not fully understanding the problem and what may happen. The doctors and nurses were great, however, and I am so thankful I had great medical attention.  Austria was a great place to have an injury.

With the upcoming release of Mastermind will there a be an Australian Tour and what can we expect?

Usually a release is followed by a tour, but I thought I would do it the other way around this time. I am coming to Australia to play a festival in the Redland bay area in September and then work on some tunes.  Nothing is planned for the Gold Coast yet but keep an eye on my FB and website as this may change.

You’ve had a very successful career so far will so much international touring and your music charting #1 on Triple J Unearthed with the last release, what keeps you going and keeps you motivated as a songwriter and artist to keep doing music?

I enjoy playing and creating music so much and every time I play a show, I am grateful to be living and travelling from music.  I find inspiration listening to great songs, live music, new artists, old artists, different effects, guitar techniques, recording techniques, learning about gear and discovering the history of various artists. Sharing experiences with my musical friends is always a positive, learning and encouraging experience.  The periods in my life when I am not writing music, is when I feel most out of balance.

Do you have any advice for other artists starting out on the international stage about how they should approach touring overseas? 

In regards to money, look at you first tours as a vacation which involves playing some shows.  Then you won’t be disappointed when you lose so much money.  Each time you return you will meet more people, get more gigs and eventually make more money, helping to fund the tour.

Germany likes to book at least 6 months or more in advance (more ahead than in Oz), so keep that in mind.  This is not to say you won’t get any last minute gigs, but plan a handful of gigs in advance, lock it in, save for the flight, hire or buy a van and go see what happens.

Oh and tip gigs in Germany can be very good, so don’t worry if you see that you are getting paid only by hat donation.  Just make sure the venue promotes the gig with you and you have a nice person collecting tips for you.

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