Stories from sea and land the focus of Left Bank exhibition

Ben Lucas is an award winning artist. His paintings carry a graceful and evocative presence and have been exhibited in the United Kingdom and New Zealand as well as Australia. His current paintings – a direct response to the unique light and colour of coastal Australia will be exhibited alongside that of ceramicist Larissa Warren at Left Bank Gallery this month. 

Both artists explore that ever-changing margin where land, sea and sky join at the edge of the Pacific Ocean – the raw and rhythmic essence of the sea and the land.

Ben says he paints from memory, “drawing on time spent watching the changing moods of the ocean and the play of light over and into its surface.”

“In my view the paintings are a success when they hold a dramatic energy and sense of movement while at the same time carrying a peaceful quiet presence. It’s this tension between these two contrasts that I find so fascinating.

“With my painting there’s always this tension or balance between portraying what is seen and what is felt.”

Australian ceramist Larissa Warren will also exhibit at Left Bank alongside Ben. Larissa has a passion for traditional Japanese neriage (pattern) techniques and creates engaging surfaces by combining translucent porcelain, colour and mixed textured clay.

Larissa designs and creates distinctive original artwork from her home studio, located in her renovated fisherman’s hut on the Gold Coast and exhibits work frequently in art awards and group shows around Australia.

The exhibition, titled ‘Stories from Sea & Land’ opens at Left Bank Gallery on Friday 8 September from 5.00 – 7.00pm and runs through to 22 December. To attend opening event or for more information visit


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