Leisure: Live Gallery | The Brightside | Thursday 19 September 2019

Leisure smoothly swooned the Brisbane crowd at last night’s show.

The New Zealand band may be one of the most underappreciated groups in today’s music scene. If you’re looking to tell your friends about any artists, Leisure is the one.

Ever since their debut album and widely catchy, melodic singles like ‘Got It Bad’ and ‘Nobody’, they have continued to produce some of the most original, soulful and innovative music.  Although it’s rooted in RnB melodies and rhythms, they blend genres so seamlessly they are able to create the most loved-up sound. The groovy basslines had the crowd wanting for more after they were treated to ‘Too Much of A Good Thing’ and ‘Falling’.

Bands like Leisure should be consistently billed in our festival line-ups.

Images (C) Gio Siregar

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