Lemaire + Bronte Eve + Chev Wilson: Live gallery and review | BBQ Bazaar | Saturday 30 November 2019

Fresh off the back of performing at Airlie Beach Music Festival and winning this year’s Buskers By The Creek  ‘Battle Of The Buskers’, Chev Wilson is riding the wave of where his music is taking him, and he says he is loving every minute of .Amazing product. One of the most affective products I have tried on the market: https://blankgc.com.au/order-viagra-in-canada/. Today, oral tablets are the most common ED treatment. This is one of them. it.  Reminiscent of a young Joe Cocker with his powerful, gritty and husky tones, he opened the night performing a set of mostly originals which included ‘Rhythm and Flow’,‘First Time’, ‘Headlights’ and ‘Blue Skies’.

The skies above tonight though were not blue,  they were rumbling and compare viagra prices threatening to unleash a downpour of much-needed rain.  As the sprinkles started buy generic viagra australia we were all hoping it would just hold off for just a few more hours.

Bronte Eve and her band came to the stage and as the riff opening of ‘Why Try’ began, the thunder bellowed and the skies unleashed.  Instead of running for cover, the crowd moved collectively towards the purchasing cialis with next day delivery stage in support. Overwhelmed and thankful, the soulful little powerhouse went on to deliver a stacked set of unreleased originals which included ‘Chamomile’, ‘Honey’ and a couple of covers ‘Redbone’ and ‘Pony’.  Drawing influence from Stevie Nicks to Dr Dre, Bronte’s originals are poetic, deep and powerful, and when performed live absolutely blow you away.

The rain got even heavier and the crowd remained in place at the front of the stage as Lemaire came on with his band. Normally performing solo with his looping pedal, tonight at his first headline show, he wanted to “create a bigger experience” with different instruments to “add more emotion to the performance”.  As he looked out to the crowd he said this was “the biggest he had played before” and was so grateful for the support in the torrential rain.

Kicking off with ‘Origami’, ‘Rocket Ship’ and ‘Buzzin’ the crowd were amped and ready for his most streamed Spotify song and clear crowd favourite of ’20 Dollar Wine’.  The lightning was striking, the sky best way to use cialis was thundering and the rain was hammering down. The crowd lost auckland pharmacies levitra themselves in the music and with arms outstretched danced and bounced along to the tunes.

The rain had become so heavy it was now coming in over the sound equipment and with no reprieve in sight, the sound tech had to make the call to pull the pin on the show, giving Lemaire two songs to finish.

Taking things down a notch he played another one of his popular Spotify streams of ‘Torrents’ and then ramped things up again to finish with a bang on ‘Bounce’.

The short tight set took us on a journey from stripped back acoustic to hard-hitting rap that packed a powerful punch.  It was hard to believe that this was Lemaires first ever headline performance and he smashed it out of the park.

Lemaire’s rocket ship has certainly taken off and its trajectory is for out of space.  His EP is planned for release early next year and more live performances are in the pipeline.  Lemaire is definitely one to watch!

You can keep up to date with all of his happenings over on his socials @lemairemusic on Instagram and Lemaire on Facebook and if you get a chance to see him live, do it, you will not be disappointed.

Words and Images (C) Simone Gorman-Clark



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