Got any Rock ‘n’ Roll memorabilia? HOTA needs you!

Calling all rock ‘n’ roll aficionados, fans, musicians, venue staff and anyone that lived through the Coast’s hardcore heyday.

A cranking new exhibition opening later this year – ‘Let there be rock!’ – explores three decades of rock music venues on the Gold Coast. The project is currently an anthem in progress and to bring this exhibition to life, HOTA needs the help of Gold Coasters who lived and breathed this era from the 1970s to the late 1990s.

Gallery at HOTA Director, Tracy Cooper-Lavery, said HOTA are putting the call out to the entire region, including rock fans and those musicians in a Gold Coast band during that time who may still have instruments and gear from when they played.

“This exhibition will be brought to life with photographs, playlists, posters, tickets and more – there is enormous passion for our music scene and we want to tap into that,” explained Tracy.

“It could be a t-shirt signed by Kurt Cobain or Dave Grohl from the Nirvana performance at Fisho’s, an autographed coaster from The Playroom signed by Michael Hutchence or, maybe there’s someone out there who was at the AC/DC concert at Miami High and has held onto souvenir merchandise or a poster from that event?

“We are confident that there’s a stack of original memorabilia stashed in boxes or hidden in garages and we hope to unearth rock souvenirs and stories that will showcase a night out at one of the Gold Coasts’ legendary live music venues. We encourage people to contribute by submitting pieces, to help create a bold, vibrant and edgy staging of our recent rock past for all to enjoy.”

From The Ramones and Cold Chisel at The Playroom, to INXS and The Go-Betweens at Bombay Rock, and Nirvana and The Violent Femmes at ‘Fisho’s’; this exhibition will embody a celebration of hard-core rock and entertainment.

“We’ve already acquired the iconic sign from The Playroom that stood for many years as a beacon for musos and fans and it will form a key piece in the exhibition,” said Tracy.

“Additional pieces are essential to illustrating the breadth of fandom and the impact this era had on our community psyche and also our current music scene.”

Named for AC/DC’s 1977 album, the exhibition ‘Let there be rock!’ will open on 8 December this year and run through until 17 February 2019. Memorabilia submissions are open until Friday 13 July.

People who have pieces to present for consideration, should visit upload their details and an image of their original merchandise or memorabilia.

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