Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights: Live review | HOTA, August 11, 2019

Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights was an all-in-one show that brought Tim Roger’s ‘Liquid Lunch’ program on Double J to life on stage. Alongside eccentric community broadcaster, Jonnie Von Goes, who wins the award for best radio voice in Australia, and the talented sound designer, Russell Goldsmith, introduced by Tim with ‘does anyone else see the irony in the sound guy being called Russell?’, the unlikely trio took the audience on a journey into the studio of a late night community radio broadcast.

Given his tongue-in-cheek Australiana commentary and  banter, Tim is a natural DJ. With his hilarious cricket game commentary, ‘that man plays with the joy of riding a bicycle without a seat’  and interactive rapport with John and Russell, the You Am I frontman had the audience in stitches and truly brought home parts of the Australia culture we all love to laugh at.

The talented Kelly Day and Jane Hendry, aka Broads, were also on stage throughout the show and their enchanting melodies and smooth, liquid caramel-like voices, featured in songs, such as ‘Last Night When We Were Still Young’, were the perfect addition to such a kooky performance.

The reading of the poem by John titled, ‘I Don’t Want To Grow Up’ was brilliant, as was the ‘Lost and Found’ segment, namely the lost corgi, ‘It looks like an ugly coffee table with fur,’ and the relationship between the wine-sipping Tim, Russell and John was definitely the backbone to the ‘radio’ show. Traffic reports, the odd song or two, advertisement jingles you wish actually existed and ironic news reports, you’ll unfortunately never hear on the radio, were all the perfect ingredients to this original production.

Tim also proved to be quite the interviewer and throughout the show, a number of talented guests, such as author and music critic, Noel Mengel, frontwoman of The Grates, Patience Hodgson, the driving force behind ‘Pub Choir’, Astrid Jorgensen and collaborator and singer, Dana Gehrman, took to the stage for lively and interactive chats with Tim. Discussing everything music, dignity, life plans and the future,  Tim had the guests eating out of the palm of his hand, and the interviews, which were so insightful they could be transcribed for Rolling Stone magazine, took Liquid Nights to an all new level.

Liquid Nights in Bohemia Heights was a performance like no other and showcased the truly talented Tim Rogers – what can’t this man do? If Australian radio took a page out of Liquid Nights, the airwaves would be a much better place and we’d swilling Pimms at all hours of the day.

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