Listen Out Festival 2015

I made my way north for the glorious battle grounds on a steed named Toyota.
Slipping past the guards of the road, I parked her in a bush promising “they won’t tow ya”.

My tankard of water was confiscated by the door henchman then entrance I was granted,
The poor lads behind me had their breeches ruffled and with dark potions they were caught red handed.

The melodies had already begun and with it fine wenches dancing,
Then Sir Roland Tings laid down some fully sick chunk and that I really do fancy.

Alas, the earth was scorched and my mouth parched for a beverage and meal,
My squire and I spent half our gold on oriental cuisine t’was a very poor deal.

The fair princess Alison soon lifted our heavy heartburn and transported us to Wonderland,
Where many a fair maiden riding twixt a knights shoulders,
Got down to the bangers and exposed to the world her boulders.

Finally we had to decide: Golden Features or Gambino and with such a choice I wasn’t fussy,
Upon exiting the Kingdom two knights took up arms and duelled over a hussy.

I returned to my steed who had escaped the clutches of road regulations,
And journeyed home after a glorious day of music and celebrations.

Please find below my sketches from the night,
and be sure to give this page a mighty good ‘like’.

Words and photography by Locke Fitzpatrick

Featured Listen Out Acts:


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