LISTEN: The Brian Emo’s ‘Sushi Boy’

Consisting of members from Donny Love, Salvadarlings and Strange Yonder, The Brian Emo are basically best friends, doing what friends do.

Salvadarlings, Donny Love and The Brian Emo have known each other, grown with each other and honed with one another for a special while. And their new track Sushi Boy is nearly seven minutes of that aural friendship unfolding for your ears.

If you’re worried about a track that long keeping your attention, don’t be. Dubbed Flaccid-Rock the song waxes and wanes through ambient guitar and vocals which hit at contemporary issues of the heart … “when I’m done feeling like shit…” 

With several changes of tempo and style, the track, to my ears, is part shoe gaze, part surf guitar and part psych. There’s no question it keeps your ears on their toes, so to speak.

Look, I’m terrible when it comes to describing music for other people. I like this track. You might too. And there’s only one way to find out.

Take a listen: Sushi Boy by The Brian Emo.



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