Little Georgia: A delectable pairing

Sitting down with band Little Georgia is like hanging out with two great friends, because that’s what they are. Arriving at Bluesfest Byron Bay for their Saturday set the band was vocal about how amazing the crowd had been. Comprised of long-time musicians Ashleigh Mannix and Justin Carter, their indie-folk sound has been capturing audiences since before their debut release in 2016 – Bootleg. Excited to see artists like Rickie Lee Jones, they were happy to release a new seven-inch called White Horse to coincide with their Bluesfest shows.

“We’re all about giving people in our records, what they see in our live shows,” says Justin. “Both of us find that a lot of music these days is over produced. You go and see a band that is so amazing and the record is totally different.” Recording a few songs live while they were in the studio last year, the band was excited to share some of the newer material they had produced together.

Ashleigh has played Bluesfest before, in 2012, and was glad to get to share the experience with her band mate this time around. The two make a complimentary team, with Ashleigh’s energy and excitement tempered by Justin’s calm. When speaking about the difference of writing music together Ashleigh says, “We did Bootleg the way we wanted to and with White Horse it was very organic. We just jumped in the studio and it worked out that we could release it today. A studio album with all of the bells and whistles is something that we don’t want to rush, it will happen when it happens.”

Writing and creating music as a duo can be a delicate process, but the band seems entirely supportive of one another. Justin says, “There is no point where I hear something Ash has written and think ‘that’s shit’ – she doesn’t write shit music. I will sometimes hear something she’s done and just think ‘yes’ and that’s how I know that’s a Little Georgia song. We are writing more and more together now too, we’re on the road so much together that we are really finding our feet as a band.”

The two have also taken their act overseas with the music video for Forget Me, which is visually stunning, being shot last year when the pair was overseas in America.

“That was fun,” Ashleigh says of their video shot by Matt Kleiner.

“We were at Lake Cachuma and the next day, after we’d shot the video, the area burned down. There was a wildfire that went through the area, which thankfully has regrown, I hope they forget us!”

Matt is just one of the great artists the duo has met along the way and they are thankful for the supportive nature of the music community. Ashleigh says, “Grizlee Train are a band we met the irst time we were in Tamworth and they are now Casey Chambers’ band and we saw them before – it’s great!”

The band is hoping to get their next studio album together later this year and when asked if they were planning on taking a break from touring Ashleigh exclaimed, “Never! That is one of the best ways of sharing our music with people.” Make sure you catch their next show near you and pick up a copy of White Horse, which is sure to be just as impressive and humble as they are.

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