Live Review: A Day On The Green, Sirromet Winery, Sunday 4 December 2016

It’s hard to think of a better way to spend a Sunday than sitting in some comfy chairs with your mates, scoffing pizza, sipping wine and listening to your fave bands rock it out live.

A Day On The Green have stumbled onto what feels like a close-to-perfect recipe with their one day winery-hosted festivals. With only one stage and limited number of bands, you can plonk yourself down on your own camp chair and enjoy an afternoon and evening of fabulous music without having to frantically consult conflicting schedules, argue with mates or schlep through mud to stand 100 metres away from a band that looks like ants. Also, icecream.

The incline on the green at Sirromet Winery in Mount Cotton means that there are no really bad vantage spots, but for the premium experience I highly recommend getting front admission tickets. It wasn’t difficult at any point to be three, four people back from the stage, with room to spare.

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Adalita has lost none of her rock credentials since the 90s, easily entrancing the oldies such as myself with her grungy shreds as the first act to grace the stage.

Melbourne pocket rocket Tash Sultana increased her fan base with a set that felt more like a jam session in her bedroom. Alternating effortlessly between (really, really, really good) electric guitar solos, pan pipes, loop pedals, beat boxing, vocals and even shredding on a uke, the shoeless, cap wearing ex-busker received not one, but two marriage proposals during her set. With her

The Preatures

The Preatures

boundless energy and infectious bounce, the smiling 21-year-old definitely collected some more hearts for her ever-expanding fan base.

I always liked The Preatures, but as often happens after seeing someone live, I now love them. They just brought it. A born performer, vocalist Izzi Manfredi draws the eye with her hair flipping attitude and sweet-as-pie-but-actually-not-really tones. The bass was turned up to eleven which is always going to get feet tapping, and the building crowd at the front of the stage went into full dance mode during Is This How You Feel? and Better Than It Ever Could Be.

While we’re on the subject of bands who bring it live… Oh. My. The Temper Trap. We may have lost them to London, but they’ll hopefully keep returning often enough to bring us this kind of experience. Easily a headline quality show, their set brought out all the faves: Sweet Disposition, Fader, Love Lost, Trembling Hands, as well as tracks from their 2016 release Thick as Thieves. With ears ringing and throat parched, we sat and recuperated for the final onslaught.

I loved Garbage in high school (showing my age, here). And for years afterwards I had Version 2.0 on repeat at my place. These days I listen to them less (I haven’t actually heard their new album) but always reminisce about them with fondness, and was keen to see them. One thing I wasn’t expecting was for the band to look and sound pretty much the same as they did 21 years ago. Unapologetic rock chick Shirley Manson had my heart as always, owning the stage in her pink dress and pink hair, striding back and forth to spit her angsty lyrics into the microphone.

Blood and blisters
On my fingers
Chaos rules when we’re apart
Watch my temper
I go mental
I’ll try to be gentle

Temper Trap

The Temper Trap

I Think I’m Paranoid was a highlight, as was crowd singalong Stupid Girl. My personal favourite The Trick Is To Keep Breathing slowed things down a little, I guess. I was too happy they played it to notice or care. Some absolute knob jockey in the crowd threw something at her; she owned him. I can’t remember the full rant, but I do remember it ended with “I. Will. Make. You. Pay”. Yes, Shirley. Yes you will. She’s gotta lotta rage. Fortunately for us, because we get Garbage out of it.

Check out the website for upcoming acts, and if you see someone you’re into then go, it’s worth it. Smart set up, great lineups.


Tip: It’s hot. I don’t just mean a little warm. I mean, like Hades. If you’re going in the summer months you want the following: Sunscreen (obvs, although there is some supplied there for free), hat (a must! Don’t think you can get away with it), sealed bottled water, cash for icecream (and extra cash for everything else, there’s an ATM but it takes 20 mins to use it), esky with ice and couple of wet washcloths to keep in it (my friend Caz thought of this and I will love her forever because of it), and a sarong or something to cover yourself with. Not kidding.

IMAGES (c) Nadia Achilles

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