With Motley Crue in the country for the last time, it seemed fitting that they brought another heavyweight of a bygone era to co-headline the show. Alice Cooper took the reigns for a 13 song set, filled with antics for each song. The two titans of rock packed Brisbane Entertainment Centre, and the double billing suited the crowd. They went off just as much for Alice Cooper as they did for Motley Crue, and not one soul left the floor until after both sets were finished.

Alice Cooper and his ghoulish band took the stage first, kickstarting the crowd with Department of Youth. His makeup helped make the 67 year old look far younger as he strode around the stage in his Beetlejuice-esque pinstripe suit. No More Mr. Nice Guy and Under My Wheels galvanized the crowd into action, stomping and screaming along to the sounds of their youth. The prime barrier positions were filled by punters who had shelled out the extra money for early entry and a VIP assistant. The stage production for Alice Cooper was on point, and brief disappearances of the Godfather of shock rock marked costume changes. One of these moment happened right before the stage transformed into a dark, smoked filled floor with Cooper appearing in the centre hugged tightly by a massive python. Welcome To My Nightmare ensued, and the following songs saw Cooper attempt to escape while the band around him launched into solos effortlessly. I won’t mention any more of the stage show, but believe me- Miley Cyrus and her kin still have alot to learn from the original master of stage shows. School’s Out was noticeably missing the ‘special guest’ everyone had been whispering about, but the song still went down a treat with the audience.

Alice Cooper donned the same clothes as in decades past, and Motley Crue was no exception. Looking like someone had shot them with an aging gun, the band came out and set themselves up on stage under “the Cruecifly”, their heavily advertised, massive rollercoaster. Tommy Lee was set to ride on it at some stage throughout the show, and the trawled through over an hour of content before the massive coaster was addressed. Primal Scream, Looks that Kill and Too Fast for Love all appeared early in the set before Vince Neil spoke about their love of punk, preempting the cover of Anarchy In The UK originally by The Sex Pistols. The crowd expected Lee to fly at any given second, but it wasn’t until after 14 songs that Lee moved, albeit only slightly. The platform Tommy Lee was drumming on only rose two metres before it came to a complete stop, and that is where it sat for the duration of his drum solo. It was disappointing to see that there were technical issues, but that is what you’d expect when a stage is being taken apart and put together quickly whilst on tour. The only other disappointing aspect was that the rollercoaster was so heavily marketed, and it was only going to be used for one song, whereas I am sure it could have been used for more throughout the set. The songs seemed to merge into one big hair metal track, but the crowd seemed to enjoy it. For a last tour, things certainly could have gone worse, but Motley Crue certainly found it hard to live up to their heyday. All the same, the band did treat the crowd to a list of hits and fireworks.

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