Live Review: Avaberée @ Black Bear Lodge, 09.04.15

Aimee, Genevieve and Irena of Avaberée have enjoyed growing success recently, touring and creating as their willowy, graceful music is spun more and more frequently on triple j. But first and foremost, the trio are lifelong creatives and long-time friends, I learn from a very proud, grinning man named Brian (he introduces himself as “Aimee’s dad” as he gleefully points towards his daughter on the stage). This dream team, Brian tells me, has been musically connected since they were 11 years old and singing together in their school choir at All Hallows School in Brisbane’s Fortitude Valley. 

The musical heritage that binds Avaberée is ever-present in their carefully considered melodic structures, lush, layered harmonies that bend and sway but never stutter or jolt, and the hushed beauty and intimacy of their live show. Their nigh on stock-still stage presence is commanding, their rapport with a suitably enthralled audience easy, light-hearted, and funny. Before performing the Enya-tinged Give Me Water, they recount a previous show where upon announcing the song’s title a lone member of that crowd exclaimed “B*tches be thirsty!” At the time it may have been a little embarrassing for Avaberée, but their willingness to expose themselves for likeability is more evidence still that these three women are in the correct field for their skills and talents.

All night, being surrounded by Avaberée’s music honestly feels like being wrapped up in liquid silk. It’s familiar but original, comforting but luxurious, dreamy but ambitious. The harmonies that the three voices create are the centrepiece for the night. They’re diverse and never once faltering, from Can’t Get You Off My Mind, the come-hither single being launched (ahead of upcoming EP In Your Arms I Found My Secrets), to a heavily textured cover of Frank Ocean’s Lost, all the way to the heartily demanded encore, Running Out, which finds the band sounding more like Haim on pixie sticks than ever before. Avaberée’s brand of chamber pop is endlessly fascinating to watch as it comes to life, resplendent with clean cut synths and maracas – a dreamy fusion of influences spanning from world music to rhythmic lullabies. Unable to resist, I catch Irena on her way offstage to confirm when they’ll be back. Keep your calendars free in July, guys.

Can’t Get You Off My Mind is available on iTunes now. Watch the film clip here.

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