Live Review: Bluejuice | Coolangatta Hotel | 03.10.14

With Bluejuice’s career coming to a close, I felt a certain sadness knowing that one of Australia’s best performing bands was leaving the stage. Luckily, an action packed, 3 month spanning tour was Bluejuice’s way of saying goodbye to Australia, and believe me, their sets were spectacular.

Small BJ PortraitI knew what to expect walking into the busy Coolangatta Hotel band room, but I still managed to be blown away by their showmanship and stage presence. Sporting neon clothes and glowing tape on various limbs and heads, Bluejuice jumped on stage and wowed the crowd with Jake’s shaven head, and their somewhat more conservative clothing choices compared to their last Big Day Out Appearance. Before their set began, I noticed a large pile of water bottles sitting on the side of the stage, far more than any normal band could drink through during a set. Hardly 10 minutes into the set, it became clear. Between Stav and Jake, almost every water bottle was thrown over the crowd, refracting the light and adding to the overall feel of the gig. It also cooled down the crowd, of course.

Their set was tight, just as you’d expect, and Jake ripped his shirt off barely three songs in, resulting in catcalling and wolf whistles from the crowd. The neon colours worked in their favour as they entertained the crowd with a stellar set containing all of their biggest hits and their new (and old) favourites, like their latest song George Kostanza, which, as you presumed, is about the infamous Seinfeld character. The song, however, does not annoy nearly half as much as the character and is a great song. I cannot wait to see their final sets at Falls. Bluejuice is a band that Australia’s live scene will miss.

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