It was a chilly Thursday evening in the gorgeous Bruns hotel beer-garden. I love this place with its giant Poinciana trees, massive art-nouveau features, sweeping stair cases, decorative pieces, labyrinths of hall ways and rooms. And what I also love about this place is that every time bands play here, Sea Shepherd is representing. Yes. Ahoy you worthy souls.

Six o’clock seems an usually early start for a night of rock, but it’s to do with noise and licensing and lock-out laws and week nights and… I don’t know, the powers that be.

Glad I got there on time as the first band, RIVAL FIRE kick off on the stroke of six. It’s a short set and sweet, as in “sweet-as”. Bloody good.  Really good energy, tight and fast. They are show-casing their EP Riot and work nicely and confidently through tracks Doctor, Take the Fall,  All by Yourself and title track Riot. The guys are rapt to be out of their hometown Melbourne and along for the ride with this tour. And they are bloody nice guys to boot. Gave me a t-shirt. And some hugs.

CLINT BOGE. Far-out. Wasn’t expecting this. The boy from Rocky and main man with heavy rock outfit THE BUTERFLY EFFECT has stripped it all back. Never would have picked it. The dude has the voice of an angel.  Goosebumps and blown away. He mesmerised us with his beautiful tones, amazing falsettos, sweet new tunes then sent us bananas with Butterfly’s tracks, Gone and Reach with a whole new gentle but powerful twist. He teased us with a sneaky take on The Church’s classic, Under The Milky Way, then finished with the rousing Imago. Simply magnificent.

DEAD LETTER CIRCUS took us to a whole different level of power. Man they ripped the joint to pieces. The light show was insane, the sound spot on. Loud, raw and brilliant. The guys have been doing this for ten years and they are as fresh and commanding as ever.

They are taking the tour and their new album Aesthesis around the nation. The night before they played in Coffs Harbour and adopted a rat. Yes. That’s right. I get to hang out and have a chat to the crew. They were sitting in a park or somewhere and noticed a little critter, not afraid, probably a pet that had escaped or been abandoned. So they took it with them and named him Richard. On further acquaintance they realised it was a girl and looked like she had given birth as her nipples were stretched. So they named her Richard Less and took her on the road with them. The little creature was upstairs in their hotel room, tucked up safe and warm in a box. Maybe I shouldn’t have revealed that but I’m sure the lovely crew at Hotel Brunswick would understand. I’ve since seen photos of little Richard Less’ new home.  It’s a mansion. Lucky little dude.

In Chaos Theory the butterfly effect is the concept that small causes can have large effects. A butterfly that flaps its wings in Patagonia can cause a cyclone in Indonesia. Aesthesis relates to sensations such as touch and sound. In this case a rat that rustled in the grass in Coffs Harbour touched the hearts of a Circus and went on tour around  the world. Lucky little Richard Less will have many rat-tales to tell.

Feature image: Lamp Photography


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