Live review: Dylan Joel + Little Sleeper + Juno Blue @ Coolangatta Boardriders, 16.10.15

I drove around the main block of Cooly three times trying to find a park. Each time I passed Boardriders I slowed down to a crawl. There was a band on stage and I was missing them. There seemed to be a few of them up there jamming and jiving. They sounded pretty cool from my fleeting drive-bys.

Chucking blockies on a Friday night in Cooly – cruising for a bruising. How bloody Strayan. And how bloody ridiculous at my age. Not that that is what I was doing. Do people still do that? I reckon in country towns they might. I digress…

By the time I got in to Boardriders the band were packing up. Damn. JUNO BLUE was their name. An indie outfit from Brisbane. Will keep an ear out for them next time.

Well I got to see LITTLE SLEEPER (pictured), also from Brissie (see video below). Amy out front singing some sweet sweet tunes. A bit hard to hear above the rabble. Its a noisy open space, so I went back/side of stage to get a better listen. Nice stuff.

I was hanging to see DYLAN JOEL. I caught him ever so briefly in Melbourne a couple of years ago. Had been dashing around all my old haunts in Fitzroy seeing as many bands and re-visiting   as many treasured venues as I could. Back in the city round midnight, at the iconic Ding Dong Lounge, I walk in just as he announces, “This is my last song”. Damn. So I was determined to catch his whole set this time.

I got to have a very brief chat with him, telling him my tale. He said he remembers that night.
I asked if this was his first gig on the Gold Coast. No, he was here just a couple of months ago supporting Seth Sentry. Double Damn. How  the hell did I miss that?

This is his first headlining tour, showcasing his album “Authentic Lemonade”. His merchandise includes socks, fair trade tee shirts (no sweat-shops) and drinking cups
emblazoned with that logo. And a mock lemonade stand on stage where DJ Whatsi bangs his decks and bass. Dylan is a very affable young guy. Exudes charisma and good vibes.
Ditto his DJ who’s name escapes me. Bouncing and grinning and dancing with glee. The mood and sounds are upbeat and infectious. Dylan surely knows how to work a crowd and get them involved. Not just with his hip hop beats but with his guitar playing, song writing and dancing talents.

I was going to continue our chat but he was mobbed by zealous fans. That’s a good indication how well liked and entertaining this young talented guy is. Authentic indeed.


Watch Little Sleeper here:

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