Live Review: DZ Deathrays + Von Villains + Yes Sir Noceur + Trapdoor | Saturday 24 September, Miami Shark Bar, Gold Coast

I’d only been to the Miami Shark Bar once or twice before, but I knew that with a rather large lineup that included DZ Deathrays, it was going to be a big one. I walked in to a busy Shark Bar that had a large group of people huddled around the bar, I decided to join the line and grab a beer while waiting for local lads Yes Sir Noceur to take the stage.

After finishing half my beer, out came Yes Sir Noceur and jumped straight into their own take on psych rock which includes large reverb soaked vocals that drew a solid crowd for a set so early on in the night. There was no lack of energy whatsoever and were bouncing around the stage enjoying the most of their time under the lights.

Von Villains showed how much talent there is around the coast by backing up a great opening performance by Yes Sir Noceur. They played their newest release, ‘Debbie Downer’ which is a full of energy and gave the crowd a soundtrack to mosh to, while continuing to bring more and more people away from the bar and towards the stage. Lead singer, Jack Field, creates a lot of energy when on stage and gives Von Villains a great stage presence. After announcing they were, “going away for a while,” they closed out their set with a slower song, but that didn’t stop Jack from jumping into the crowd for a surf.

By this time, the room was packed from wall to wall, it was already, what felt like, a solid 40 degrees. I’d already spotted a few extremely sweaty punters who were yet to tackle the beast that was a DZ Deathrays moshpit, but I had no doubt they were up for the challenge. I proceeded towards the back so I could have a good view of what was about to unfold and it did not disappoint.

DZ played songs off both of their albums, Bloodstreams (2012) & Black Rat (2014). This included their 2016 single ‘Blood On My Leather’ which had the moshpit going insane, drinks flying everywhere… the lot. They gave the crowd a taste of what’s to come on their new album with their new song ‘Pollyanna’, with its catchy “oohs” and guitar riffs, its a certified banger. It paves the way for what will definitely be an amazing third album from the DZ boys.

They rounded out their set with more head banging tunes, including ‘Gina Works At Hearts’ which was arguably the song of the night. The entire Shark Bar was singing the lyrics back at the Deathrays, while drinks were flying everywhere and brave punters were getting thrown around while crowdsurfing.

DZ Deathrays have definitely learnt a thing or two from their friends Violent Soho, on how to put on a great show after touring with them on a sold out national tour at the start of the year. And with a national headline tour about to kick off in the next month or so, they’ll be doing it all over again soon!

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