Live Review: Ella Fence single launch @ Cambus Wallace, 19.04.15

Opening the regal doors to the Cambus Wallace I’m met by a blast of hot air…geez there’s a lot of people in the good ship CW this evening.

Most of the crowd is seated and listening intently with an air of hushed reverence as Ella Fence unleashes her extraordinary vocal presence, a beguiling mix of freak folk, alt country and old time chanteuse… Angel Olsen springs initially to mind.

I’m immediately captured by her presence, wishing to god I’d made it in earlier than 15 minutes from the end of her set, which she finishes with impressive first up single Unknown Water, leaving the crowd rapturous and baying.

Her debut EP is not far away…get in now and say you were in the know from the get-go. I suspect that the name Ella Fence is one you’ll be hearing a lot more of!!

Image (c) Shots fired by James Wills

Image (c) Shots fired by James Wills


Images courtesy Shots Fired by James Wills.

Listen to Unknown Water here:


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