Live Review: Falls Festival Byron Bay, Sun 1st January 2017

As the sun rose over the campsite I found myself waking up sweaty and hot and it hadn’t even reached 8am *sigh*. Making an executive decision to waste fuel and cool down before the day really begun, I sat in my car with the aircon blaring and was happy that I could finally relax now that I was in the cool.

Sadly the bliss of air-conditioning didn’t last long and I dragged myself away the car and went to check out Triple J unearthed winners, Lastlings. Their set, although short, was really sweet with a sizeable turn out of people sitting on the grass and enjoying the newcomers tunes. The Gold Coast duo have been playing numerous shows in 2016 and for their age have been delivering mature and eclectic content that people have definitely started to notice.

After some brunch and downing two cold bottles of water to combat the heat, I decided to head to see City Calm Down in the amphitheatre. Even in the 36 degree heat, their new wave, synth driven music had people dancing and overheating at the front of the stage and the rest chilling out in whatever shade they could find. It was an awesome sight to see and the band seemed really ecstatic with the turn out.


Ta-ku was on a little later in the night but he was a top pick for me especially after I discovered that the very talented Wafia was going to be joining him for a lot of his set. So at 8.30 pm, when it was finally cooling down, I ventured over to the tent they were playing at and discovered that while it was cooling down outside, the tent seemed to be keeping most of the heat from the day, but I was too dedicated and just decided to stay and sweat it out, and I was so glad I did. The show was slow with low grooving energy that made you wanna get down low and smash out your best R’nB moves. Sadly, my dancing is less than subpar so I watched the crowd get into the beat from a far. When Wafia came on stage, the crowd went just as wild as they did for Ta-ku. It was a match made in heaven and everyone knew it, with beautiful harmonies and thumping synths, it was a fantastic show to witness.

Violent Soho are always a good time and as my friend who has seen them several times likes to say, they never get old. Good Aussie rock bands are far and few between these days but these guys seem to bring an Australian crowd together like no one else can. Playing songs from all of their three brilliant albums, the four Brisbane based boys created one of the biggest crowds of the day that included some circle pits that would have even the biggest and toughest guys quaking in their boots. Up on the top of the hill it was quite the site to see all the people dancing along to their most popular song, ‘Covered in Chrome’, ending their set off with a bang.


The Avalanches were next and there was a decent crowd that stayed in place to end their night off with some funky 90’s hip-hop. The crowd was silent until the band came out one by one with their symbolic flag showing in the background; The show was about to start. With their edgy 90’s  vocalist swinging a baseball bat around on stage, the crowd went wild dancing along to one of their massive hits, ‘Frankie Sinatra’ which eventuated into Subway, a personal favourite with amazing 00’ based animation going on in the background. It was a brilliant way to end off day two with such a unique and mystifying band.

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