LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY: Refused + Sick Of It All + High Tension at The Tivoli, 20 Jan 2017


Punk is certainly not dead with Swedish Hardcore band Refused, and New York punk’s Sick Of It All putting on a display at The Tivoli on Friday night. It was hard to believe that punk legends Sick Of It All have been around for 30 years, as they were still jumping and stomping all over the stage like they did in the early days. Frontman Lou Koller had great charisma as he told the crowd to loosen up and get a circle pit going. Die hard fans listened as the pit opened up, and a circle was formed sending fans into chaos in true punk-rock style.

Next, the stage was reorganised with two white screens setting a clean, minimalistic atmosphere. Refused walked out in style all suited up with frontman Dennis Lyxzen instantly thrusting himself into the crowd. You can expect the unexpected with this guy, later walking into the middle of the theatre chanting “rather be dead” over and over again. The crowd was utterly captivated; not only by his unanticipated antics, but by his seductive moves, screaming vocals and words of wisdom. As the set was coming to a close, Dennis opened minds to the male audience by asking them to embrace feminism and to stop abusing and oppressing women. Dedicating their most popular song New Noise to “all the sister’s out there” I left with so much love and respect for this band, and will wait with baited breath until I see them again.

Images by Leisen Standen | Lamp Photography

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