LIVE REVIEW + GALLERY: Steel Panther + Black Stone Cherry @ Eaton’s Hill Hotel, 20.06.16

This is not Steel Panther’s first trip out to Australia, in fact they’ve been here quite a number of times.

But that doesn’t stop Brisbane fans from packing out Eatons Hill Hotel on a school night. With hair metal fans lined up as far as the eye can see, dressed head to toe in some of the most eye catching ripped shirts and spandex, the venue quickly fills and people wait anxiously for our opening act to begin.

Tonight’s my first Black Stone Cherry experience. And if there was ever going to be a band to throw a wow factor at me straight from the get go, these guys were the ones to do so.

It’s easy to see why this hard rock outfit from Kentucky has such a solid following.

With a back catalogue spanning ten years as of last month, they make sure to fit in something from each of their albums.

Taking to the stage and blasting straight into Me and Mary Jane from their previous record Magic Mountain, the band make the stage their own. It’s not until three songs in we hear a track from the latest album Kentucky. Only being released two months ago doesn’t stop the crowd from participating to their maximum potential. A solid and brilliantly tight act from the moment they walked on stage, right up until the moment they blew fans away with a cover of Motorheads huge hit Ace of Spades. It’s far from the first Australia has heard from them and it’s fair to say it’s not going to be the last.

It’s quite hard to explain what a Steel Panther show is like until you have actually been present at one.

It’s like watching four grown men, with the most beautiful hair you have ever seen, play 80’s comedic and very politically incorrect rock tunes with terribly amazing stand up comedy in between. Can you fathom that?

It’s no holds barred from the moment drummer Stix is escorted onto the stage. The crowd is full of die hard fans and they show it. The band is welcomed with a massive roar as the most attractive man in rock history, bassist Lexxi Foxx graces the stage followed by guitarist Sactchel.

Giving the crowd a brief twenty seconds to take in 3/4s of the band, singer Michael Starr races on stage and right away shows off to a packed room why he is, in fact one of the most entertaining men in the music industry to date.

They open the show with Eyes of a Panther from their 2009 debut album, appropriately titled Feel the Steel. There’s no time to talk in between the first three songs. They stop for no one.

But, inevitably they reach the point of comedic introduction as they slowly and hilariously introduce one another in the most vulgar ways possible. No holding back on the insults, the crowd are in tears laughing. See you’re not just paying for a rock show, you get a huge comedic value from their shows.

Focusing mostly on tracks from Feel the Steel, only performing two tracks from their last album All You Can Eat and filling in the gaps with tracks from Balls Out, they blast through a brilliant set, encoring with a fan favourite Party All Day (F*** All Night), and closing up for what would be considered an early night from regular concert goers. But in my opinion, this just leaves more time before home time to come to terms with we just saw.

If you’ve not had a chance to see Steel Panther live in all their beautiful, comedic elegance, then just be sure to grab a ticket to their next tour. It’s not a financial move you’ll ever regret.

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