Live Review + Gallery | GIZZ FEST: King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard + The Merlocs + The Family Jordan + The Furrs @ The Brightside, 31 May 2015

With their release of 6th studio album Quarters, King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard have created Gizz Fest, a national tour to celebrate the release of the album. The Melbourne band had played three Gizz Fests in Melbourne, Sydney and Perth before making their way to The Brightside Carpark in Brisbane last Sunday. This gig was much anticipated by the Brisbane crowd, and being the last Gizz Fest before King Gizz heads overseas for a tour I was well prepared for an energetic, psych rock infused time. The show was in the Brightside’s Carpark, it was such a cool idea having it outdoors, and everyone was pretty stoked they could have a smoke whilst still enjoying the tunes.

The bar was bustling and food trucks were pumping out delicious treats as The Furrs kicked off Gizz Fest for the Brissy crowd. Gabriella Cohen and Jim Griffin are the masterminds behind The Furrs, the Brisbane band brought an effortlessly cool aura to the stage to warm the crowd, their music evokes back to the 70’s with their mind altering sound that makes you feel like you’re on a euphoric cloud of psych delight. Their set was filled with new tracks off their second E.P More Furrs and older tracks such as ‘Little Boy’ and ‘No Control’off their first self-titled E.P.

Crowds started to grow as The Family Jordan graced the stage, I hadn’t heard of these guys before but man I really digged what they had to offer. Members of The Belligerents, Morning Harvey and Orphans Orphans are all apart of the band; it’s like a big family of sick musicians, sharing each other’s talents. Like most bands on the Gizz Fest lineup, their sound is psych rock, but The Family Jordan brought a country twang with harmonies, acoustic guitars and a violin. I really enjoyed their set and the different flavour they brought to the gig, there’s not a whole lot of information on these guys but I think as they grow, they’ll be playing gigs on the regular.

Close friends of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, The Murlocs have been touring for majority of the Gizz Fest shows and most fans of King Gizz are fans of The Murlocs, it’s a beautiful cluster of people with good music taste. The boys hail from Geelong and played their first gig in a local chicken shop, let’s just say they’ve started playing some more significant venues with huge crowds. The band were only just on the Gold Coast on the 10th of April on their Adolescence Tour. The dudes played mostly new stuff at Gizz Fest off their Loopholes album released last year, which resonated well with the crowd as the mosh started to multiply. Ambrose, the lead singer’s voice and wailing effects incorporated with the harmonica really distinguish the band from any other. I really love that all these bands are friends and know each others tracks, it’s pretty exciting for the crowd when another member from a band is playing with another, kinda made the crowd feel like they were a part of this super cool friendship group, well I wish.

By this stage of Gizz Fest I was pretty thankful that the venue was outside because it started to get so very toasty. An abundance of blonde haired dudes started to sound check, the sitars came out and flared jeans, Byron Bay’s The Babe Rainbow kicked off with a slowed down version of killer track Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest. I saw the band some time last year in Miami, it wasn’t crowded at all but the vibe was effervescently pumping with loads of people jumping up on stage to groove along with the babes. They’ve grown as a band as well, now with an extra member who is also the drummer of King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard, where as before Angus was the lead vocalist and also the drummer. The band have released four singles, Planet Junior, Love Forever and 1964 as well as the renowned track Secret Enchanted Broccoli Forest. Hope to hear an album from these dudes pretty soon because they’ve built up quite a fan base not only in Australia but overseas as well.

The night was nearing which meant headliners King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard were soon to take stage, there were some epic projections on the back wall of the stage of trippy patterns and the album artwork of Float Along, Fill Your Lungs. The crowd was getting keen and the mosh pit was getting hectic, the legends walked on stage, and man they have energy. Surprisingly this was the first time I had seen them and wowee what a show and atmosphere, I knew these guys ripped, but live, they rip on a whole different level. They played a lot of older well-known tracks like Cellophane and Hot Wax. One of my favourite tracks off their Quarters album is Lonely Steel Street Flyer, one of the most chilled out tracks of theirs yet, would be perfect for some sweet surf footage. They played the entire 10 minutes and 10 seconds of the track, I was grooving out so hard. The love for this band is crazy huge, fans were loosing their shit and made it difficult to stand still, but hey the energy of a gig is what you remember. I found it super cool that there were two drummers, just to amplify the sound and scare off the cranky neighbours and with six studio albums and various E.P’s the band never run out of killer tracks to play at live gigs. As the gig was on a Sunday, they had to stop all noise and all production at 10pm but legend lead singer Stu came out, unplugged and cracked out their track Vegemite, the crowd were shining their mobiles on lead man after demanding an encore, a cheeky little finish to a sick show.

King Gizzzard and the Lizard Wizard are heading over to the US, Europe and the UK to share their unique sound and buzzing energy, stoked to say these dudes are Aussie and really can see them getting where Tame Impala are now. What a great gig and really hope they hold another Gizz Fest very soon, the tickets would sell like hotcakes.

Feature image and gallery courtesy Jake Wilton Photography



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