You know those days that you wish you had a time machine and could re-visit some favourite past times? Well, this gig did just that. I arrived with my sister in tow at the Cooly Hotel where we quickly found ourselves in a sea of young ladies (and a few gentlemen) who were eager to reminisce the good ol’ days.

Melbourne muso Adam Martin had been taken along for the ride of the Australian leg of the Hanson Anthem tour. He opened the show confidently with an acoustic set comprising mainly of well-known cover songs which helped the crowd warm up their vocal chords for the inevitable ‘MMMbopping’ that was to follow shortly.

The moment the Hanson brothers took the stage, you could feel the flutters beaming from the hearts of every female in the room, myself included. From the very first song I lost all control of my limbs and couldn’t help but bounce along with the rest of the crowd.

No matter how many years have passed, there is still something about Isaac, Taylor and Zac that is so captivating, and musically, they are tighter than ever. As they played through their endless list of hits from then and now (which was pre-voted by the audience themselves), I realised how generous 22 years of playing together as a band has been to them, and it is no doubt that they still love every minute of it.

Now, whatever stigma you may have attached to these boys, you’ve got to know that they put on one hell of a show. I even caught a glimpse of some tag along boyfriends losing their cool and rocking out to MMMBop. I don’t blame them. You couldn’t not. The venue was alive.

I must admit, this wasn’t my first time taking a trip down memory lane. Unlike their last visit to the Cooly Hotel two years ago, there were no girls in the front row pushing or pulling each other’s hair, and Taylor wasn’t wearing a Hanson band T-Shirt – the very same shirt that was for sale at the merch desk (face palm). Thank goodness on both accounts.

If I learnt anything from this gig, it’s that Hanson is one of the most talented bands I’ve ever seen live, and the music they are writing these days is catchy, clever and oh so good. It’s a shame that their 90’s stigma has halted their new tracks from riding the Aussie airwaves.

If you ever get the chance to see them live, do yourself a favour. And ladies, I promise you will fall in love with your favourite Hanson brother all over again.

Zac Hanson, you will always have my heart.



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