Live Review: Judas Priest + Dragonforce | Eatons Hill Hotel 26 Feb 2015

Tonight’s Judas Priest / Dragonforce sidewave was a rare and special experience.

While I have seen Dragonforce many times over the years it marked the first time seeing Priest, a band that I have wanted to see live for many years and missed them on their previous tour since Halford rejoined the band.

It was also my daughter’s first live gig seeing her favourite band Dragonforce and to share that experience with her was amazing.
Tonight’s gig saw the age group range from 4 to 80, one dad even had his young son in his arms with little headphones!
Soundwave Touring  have put on some amazing sidewaves over the years and this was hands down one of the best; and while the venue is in the northern side of Brisbane it was worth the trip to Eatons Hill hotel which is a great venue for bands like these.
Dragonforce kick off the night with electrifying energy and precision. Due to asumed technical issues the bands sound through the PA was a little quiet but what they were lacking in volume was definitely made up for by their performance.
Highlights of their set are always the duelling guitar shenanigans between Herman Li and Sam Totman as they playfully taunt each other and challenge each other to solos.
Dragonforce smash through their set with speed and fury and don’t seem too bothered by any tech issues as they are having too much fun being up there and doing what they do best. They wrap up their show with fan favourite Through The Fire and Flames, which was famously used in the guitar hero video games.
By the time Judas Priest hit the stage the crowed are warmed up and excited to see the metal legends and after 40 plus years in the business they know how to please the fans.
The crowd erupts to the sound of Black Sabbath’s war pigs as the house lights go off. Priest take the stage and the band open up their set with Dragonaught from their latest album Redeemer of Souls.
Even at his age, Halfords vocal range is mind blowing, from low growls to high pitch screams which he demonstrates perfectly in the song Halls of Valhalla.
Priest’s set is a mix of old and new but it’s the classics like Breaking the Law, Living After Midnight and extended version of you another thing coming that gets the crowd going.
We are even treated to Halford riding a Harley onstage for Hell Bent For Leather which has been a highlight of their shows for many years.
And just when you think it’s over the band end their set with painkiller that sends the fans into a frenzy. Tonight is testament to that fact that Priest have still got it; and that metal is for everyone of all ages. To me, there is nothing quite like sharing that love of music with the younger generation.

Image: courtesy Jake Patton

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