Live Review: Kill your EMO Darlings with Love @ elsewhere, 30.10.11

I’m a little bit premature with my Halloween dress-up, but what the hell.

Yeah I know, it’s so American blah blah. I used to say that myself, but the older I get the more I don’t give a damn. Or do give a damn?

Well, having lived in Mexico and the US for a while I reckon I get special dispensation. Truth be known, I’ll use any excuse to get outrageously garbed. The whole world really IS a stage.
I take a bit of a detour en-route to my destination, elsewhere, this Hallow’s eve. In fact I end up getting lost so the detour was much longer than anticipated.

In all my 20 years of living on the Gold Coast I’ve never been to Southport Sharks. It’s way out the whoop-whop part of Southport and not near Australia Fair as I thought.

The only reason I’m venturing out there is to see some mates’ bands. It seems an odd place to host live, original music but the stage area, which is atmospheric with candles and things is cool. Hey anyone/place that supports live music deserves a tick I reckon.

What I really like about this place is that they actually have sharks there. Real live sharks. Two massive fish tanks adorn the entrance, one filled with brightly coloured fishes and the other with four gorgeously slinky sharks. Plus one weird looking eel-like thing which was camouflaged in a rock until it wormed slowly out and raised it’s strange forked-like head. There were other fish swimming around and I can’t help but wonder why they don’t get eaten. Or do they?

There is one small yellow-ish mottled shark hiding behind a rock, two bigger grey ones cuddled side-by-side sleeping on the tank floor, and one larger shark, about one and a half metres long circling round and round, looking at me with those little beady eyes every time he passed. Then “he” decides to take a nap and swims down to the other two and rests his head on theirs. How beautiful. I am so fascinated. But hey, I hear the band starting up so tear myself away and leave them to their menage a troi.

So I catch PIRATES OF THE TEMPEST and TANGERINE, which is cool but I miss LOTUS SHIP (get it?) and JIMMY THE SAINT AND THE SINNERS. I’ve seen Jimmy and the boys so many times they must be sick of the sight of me. I’ll never be sick of seeing them though. Love you guys, and nice dress Zach. I actually did a double-take, he looked so pretty in that wig and frock.

I had to leave early ’cause I really wanted to catch the “super group”, KILL YOUR EMO DARLINGS, at elsewhere.

As it was I got there in time to catch CHESTA HEDRON, a two-piece instrumental outfit. I hadn’t seen them before and hey, that’s Matt Armitage on guitar. He seems to be in so many bands and combos, so versatile, but says he and Eli, on drums, have been playing together for years now. He can get some awesome sounds out of that thing, from rock, surf, blues to sort of latino-flamenco. Sweet.

I think everyone was wondering how they were going to fit 10, or is 12, people on the stage for tonight’s grand-band-slam. An amalgamation of Goldie musos from the bands DONNY LOVE, SALVADARLINGS, THE BRIAN EMO and our favourite son KARL S WILLIAMS. It’s the brain-child of Kurt Paradise from Salvadarlings and Strange Yonder label, back home on the GC from his recent move to Melbourne.

I don’t know how they manage to all get together to rehearse but they must have ’cause they sound so damn good. They “jam” on to the stage, somehow, all dressed in white as opposed to the handful like me draped in traditional Halloween black. Nice skirt Kurt. Someone perches on something up near the ceiling and bangs a tambourine whilst clinging to a rafter.

The multi-media event sports a trippy, swirling light display bouncing off the sea of white bodies. The show starts with “Harlem River” by Kevin Morby, then “No Love Lost” by Warsaw. We all get into the groove with Bozz Scagg’s dirty low, low “Lowdown”. Dirty in a real fun ‘n funky way.

There are tunes from The Brian Emo, “Now’s The Time” and “Sushi Boy” and “Watermelon Man” by Herbie Hancock.

Karl’s “Fear” and “Gospel” and Salvadarlings “Everything’s For Free” and “New Song”.

And thankyou Donny Love for the “Fuckfest”. That’s the actual title of the song not the occasion. though “love fest” could be a possible description. I love the camaraderie of the music scene and folks on the Gold Coast. We’re like one weird, warped family. And I’ve always felt at home at elsewhere. Thanks Stretch and Audun and crew, and thanks to all for this evening’s musical extravaganza and love-in. So cool.

I guess that’s where the “kill” bit of the band title comes in. You “killed” it guys. Sure did.

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